"Flexible as Freedom? The Dynamics of Creative Industry Work and the Case Study of the Editor in Publishing." New Media & Society, 2017.

Lauren E. Bridges

The creative industries have gained the attention of neoliberal policymakers as providing future economic growth. However, these industries are often built on precarious working conditions as a compromise for flexible and more meaningful work. This article uses a mixed-methods approach to investigate the dynamics of flexible and precarious work in the creative industries through the lived experience of the editor. The data reveal a higher tolerance to precarity among freelance workers compared to full-time workers, paired with high satisfaction levels, particularly among women. Using the editor as a case study, this article seeks to criticize the global labor trend towards flexible employment, which relies more heavily on digital networked labor that is insecure and precarious by nature and to highlight the particular vulnerability of a female creative industry workers who appear to have a higher tolerance to job insecurity.