Giang T. Nguyen, Amy E. Leader, Wan Ling Hung. “Awareness of anti-cancer vaccines among Asian American women with limited English proficiency.” Journal of Cancer Education, 2009.

Giang T. Nguyen, Amy E. Leader, Wan Ling Hung
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Article by Giang T. Nguyen, Amy E. Leader, and Wan Ling Hung in the Journal of Cancer Education (Vol. 24, No. 4, 2009, 280-283). 

Background—Asian Americans suffer from liver and cervical cancer, both vaccine preventable, yet their awareness of such vaccines has not been described.

Methods—Cross-sectional survey (English and 5 Asian languages, 380 women, age 18+).

Results—Those with limited English proficiency (LEP) were less likely to have accurate knowledge of a cervical cancer vaccine (44 vs 76%, among the 34% reporting awareness of any cancer preventive vaccines); they were also more likely to believe vaccines existed for non-vaccine preventable cancers. Moreover, despite high rates of hepatitis B-related liver cancer among Asians, awareness that a vaccine could prevent liver cancer was very low for both LEP and non-LEP women (under 30% among those aware of cancer vaccines).

Conclusion—This study highlights the need to educate and correct misconceptions about vaccine preventable cancers among Asian American women, especially those who are LEP.