"New Media, Creativity, and the Olympics: A Case Study into the Use of# NBCFail During the Sochi Winter Games." Communication & Sport, 2015

The Olympic Games are not only the world’s biggest media event but now also the world’s largest hypermedia (online, mobile, and social media) event, too. This presents a ripe context for the proliferation of new communication technologies and creative practices, a phenomenon that has yet to receive systematic scholarly treatment. By tracing the contours of one ray from the Olympic hypermedia spectrum, the #NBCFailmovement during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, this article argues that the evolution and proliferation of the media and the voices telling the Olympic story has resulted in an extension and renegotiation of the Olympic narrative through various acts of global communicative creativity. Studying these acts not only allows us to better understand the Olympic movement as an emergent hypermedia event but also to (re)theorize creativity in an era of ubiquitous digital communication.