"Reimagining Journalism to Help Save Democracy and Fight Trumpism." Media Theory, 2018.

Jennifer R. Henrichsen

This manifesto examines the discourse used by journalists in their coverage leading up to and following Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency in the United States. To examine this topic, the author conducted a qualitative textual analysis of a sample of English language newspaper articles, collected primarily via Lexis-Nexis and Media Cloud between June 2015 and October 2017. The corpus included articles from leading national newspapers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post and metajournalistic discourse from the Columbia Journalism Review. The author shows how journalists discursively rely on historical analogies to make sense of an unprecedented political phenomenon known as Donald Trump and Trumpism, and how, by looking to the past, journalists seek to bolster their cultural authority at a time when trust in the media is at record lows.