Research in Micropolitics, Volume 5. Jai Press, 1995.

Editors: Michael X. Delli Carpini, Leonie Huddy, and Robert Y. Shapiro
Research Area: 

This book is an explanation of why people make the choices they make at the ballot box and how numerous factors interact in this decision process. Issues around "rationality" are explored in terms of communication and how the public responds to different media. Certain chapters argue that learning occurs at a less conscious and more emotional level than implied by traditional "rational" models. Psychological factors behind voting decisions are examined in racial stereotypes. Is anti-Semitism still behind political force in the USA? What influences growth and decline in anti-Semitism and what comparisons can be drawn between Europe and North America? Similarly how do attitudes towards African-Americans affect political choice? This text looks at these questions and aims to offer a reassessment and reappraisal of traditional notions of rationality.