"Standards for Experimental Research: Encouraging a Better Understanding of Experimental Methods." Journal of Experimental Political Science, 2015.

Diana C. Mutz and Robin Pemantle
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In this essay, the authors more closely examine three aspects of the Reporting Guidelines for this journal, as described by Gerber and colleagues in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Experimental Political Science. These include manipulation checks and when the reporting of response rates is appropriate. The third, most critical, issue concerns the committee’s recommendations for detecting errors in randomization. This is an area where there is evidence of widespread confusion about experimental methods throughout their major journals. Given that a goal of the Journal of Experimental Political Science is promoting best practices and a better understanding of experimental methods across the discipline, they recommend changes to the Standards that will allow the journal to play a leading role in correcting these misunderstandings.

Published in Volume 2, Issue 2, pages 1-24