Farnsworth et al. “The International Two-Step Flow in Foreign News: Canadian and U.S. Television News Coverage of U.S. Affairs.” The International Journal of Press/Politics, 2010.

Stephen Farnsworth, Stuart Soroka, and Lori Young

Article in the International Journal of Press/Politics (Vol. 14, Issue 4, pages 401–419).

Content analysis of U.S. and Canadian television news from 2004 to 2006 reveals considerable similarities in the volume of news coverage of President George W. Bush and the Iraq War on both sides of the border. Indeed, these data suggest the possibility of an international two-step news flow, where changes in the volume of coverage on NBC frequently were reflected in the news coverage on CBC and CTV during the following days. It is suggested here that this may be attributable to the limitations faced by international reporters, resulting in a “two-step flow” that should be relevant not just for Canadian reporters in the United States, but also for many international reporters elsewhere.