Eunji Kim

Joint Ph.D. Student

Research Interests: 
political communication, public opinion, political psychology, casual inference
economic mobility, income inequality, economic voting, redistribution 


M.A. Statistics, The Wharton School (2017) 
B.A. Government, Harvard University (2011) 




  • Mutz, D.C. & Kim, Eunji. “Media Effects on Retrospective Economic Perceptions: Partisan Media and Its Implications for Economic Voting.” The SAGE Handbook of Electoral Behaviour. (forthcoming)
  • Jamieson, K.H. & Kim, Eunji. “Political Advertising and Media.” The Oxford Handbook of Political and Policy History. (forthcoming)
  • Jamieson, K.H. & Kim, Eunji. 2016. “History and Criticism of Presidential Campaign Advertising.” The Praeger Handbook of Political Campaigning in the United StatesVolume 1. 19-30. 

Working Papers

  • Kim, J. & Kim, Eunji. “Identifying the Effect of Online Rumoring: Evidence from Circulation of the ‘Obama-is-a-Muslim’ Myth on the Internet.” Revise and Resubmit at QJPS 
  • Mutz, D.C. & Kim, Eunji. "The Implications of Partisan Media for Economic Voting" Under Review 
  • Kim, Eunji, Pedersen, R.T. & Mutz, D .C.  "Why Concerns About Economic Inequality Do Not Translate Into Support for Redistributive Policies" 
  • Kim, J. & Kim, Eunji. “First-Time Presidential Voting and Political Trust” 
  • Mutz, D.C., Mansfield, E. &  Kim, Eunji“Effects of Race on Attitudes Toward International Trade: Economics or Symbolic Politics?" (featured in Chicago Council on Global Affairs
  • Kim, Eunji, & Kim, J. "Switching On and Off: Selective Exposure and Partisan Information Updating"

Work in Progress 

  • "Entertaining Belief in Economic Mobility" (Dissertation project)  


  • ICA Top Paper Award from the Political Communication Division (2018)
  • Scholars Program in Culture and Communication Grant (2017)
  • APSA Political Communication Graduate Student Travel Award (2017)  
  • NSF-Funded Travel Grant, Society for Political Methodology (2017) 
  • CHAS Excellence in Academic & Intellectual Life Award (2017)
  • Christopher Browne Center for International Politics Research Grant (2017)
  • SAS Dean Travel Subvention (2017) ​​
  • AAPOR Student Travel Award (2017)
  • DC-AAPOR 13th Annual Student Paper Competition, 1st Prize (2016) 
  • PA-NJ AAPOR Graduate Student Paper Competition, 1st Prize (2016)

Eunji Kim is a joint Ph.D. student at Annenberg School for Communication and Department of Political Science at the School of Arts and Sciences at University of Pennsylvania. 

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Kim's Network

  • Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Ph.D.
  • Diana C. Mutz, Ph.D.
  • Media and Communication Effects
  • Political Communication
  • Annenberg Public Policy Center
  • Institute for the Study of Citizens and Politics
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