Elisa Baek

Doctoral Candidate

Elisa Baek is broadly interested in communication neuroscience and seeks to combine neurocognitive methods with traditional media effects. She is particularly interested in investigating the neurocognitive, behavioral, and linguistic mechanisms that distinguish successful influencers/persuaders (i.e., "idea salespeople") from those who are less successful. She is also interested in the underlying cognitive mechanisms involved in message propagation and social influence.

Baek seeks to answer questions such as: how do people who are good at influencing other people use their brains differently? What are the neurocognitive mechanisms that influence an individual's propensity to spread an idea? How do different linguistic features engage the brain's mentalizing, self-related processing, and value networks?

Baek received her B.A. in Communication and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to coming to Annenberg, she worked as a market research analyst at The Nielsen Company and as a social influencer manager at a start-up.

Elisa Baek is a doctoral candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication.

Baek's Network

  • Communication Neuroscience
  • Digital Media and Social Networks
  • Health Communication
  • Media and Communication Effects
  • Communication Neuroscience Lab