Hatim El-Hibri, Ph.D.

Portrait of Hatim El-Hibri
Faculty Fellow, Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication

Hatim El-Hibri is Assistant Professor of Film and Media at George Mason University. He earned his Ph.D in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University, and previously was a member of the Media Studies Program at the American University of Beirut. His research and teaching interests are global and Arab media and communication, visual culture studies, media infrastructure, and urban studies. He is currently finalizing his first book titled Visions of Beirut: The Urban Life of Media Infrastructure, which examines the history of how images and imaging processes — from colonial mapping to corporate film to live satellite broadcasts — have been mobilized in attempts to manage and contest the spaces and sociality of the city. His work has appeared in journals such the Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication and the International Journal of Communication.

Hatim El-Hibri is a faculty fellow with the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication at the Annenberg School.

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