Annenberg Ph.D. Alumni



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Douglas Guilbeault Damon Centola The Social Network Dynamics of Category Formation Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley
Subhayan Mukerjee Sandra González-Bailón News Reading Publics and Audience Fragmentation: Evidence from Online India (2014-2018) Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Natalie Herbert Joseph N. Cappella Covering Scientific Uncertainty in Ongoing Research Postdoctoral Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University
Revati Prasad Marwan M. Kraidy For Growth, for Glory, for Governance: Understanding Connectivity Efforts in Andhra Pradesh Postdoctoral Fellow, 
Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication, University of Pennsylvania
Natacha Yazbeck Barbie Zelizer What We Talk About When We Talk About Journalism Associate Director, 
Center on Digital Culture and Society, University of Pennsylvania
Soojong Kim John B. Jemmott III Intergroup Dynamics of Information Propagation in Social Networks Postdoctoral Fellow, Program on Democracy and the Internet and the Digital Civil Society Lab, Stanford University
Stefanie Gratale Joseph N. Cappella Dismantling the Art of Deception: Using "Inoculation" to Combat Misinformation from Misleading Cigarette Advertising Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers University
Amber Hye-Yon Lee Diana C. Mutz How the Public Perception of Political Polarization Affects American Social Life Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Politics, Ryerson University
Pawel Popiel Victor Pickard Emergent Governance: The Politics of Competition in Digital Markets Postdoctoral Fellow, Media, Inequality & Change Center, University of Pennsylvania
Samantha Oliver Barbie Zelizer Networked Memorialization: Victims of Communism Memorials in Germany, Russia, and the U.S. Faculty Lecturer, Critical Writing Program, University of Pennsylvania



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Opeyemi Akanbi Joseph Turow Contested Boundaries of Digital Work Assistant Professor, Ryerson University
Elisa Baek Emily Falk The Role of Mentalizing in Information Propagation Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California Los Angeles
Jasmine Erdener Guobin Yang Excavating Radical Futures – Puppets, Robots, and the Fight for Technology Assistant Professor, Koç University
Elisabetta Ferrari Guobin Yang The Technological Imaginaries of Social Movements: The Discursive Dimension of Communication Technology and the Fight for Social Justice Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan
Katerina Girginova Marwan M. Kraidy Social Media Events Founder and CEO, uSpeak360
Eunji Kim Diana C. Mutz Entertaining Beliefs in Economic Mobility Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
Yilang Peng

Sandra González-Bailón

Identifying Media Bias with Computer Vision Assistant Professor, University of Georgia
John Vilanova  John L. Jackson, Jr. Not Simply the Best: The GRAMMY Awards, Race, and America Professor of Practice in Journalism and Africana Studies, Lehigh University
Allyson Volinsky Robert C. Hornik Variation on a Theme: Comparing Strategies for Choosing Health Communication Campaign Message Topics Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor, Villanova University
Sijia Yang Joseph N. Cappella Morality in Tobacco Control Messaging: Effects of Moral Appeals on Persuasion and Retransmission Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Da Eun (Danny) Kim Michael X. Delli Carpini Seeking Ourselves Onscreen: Brand Personality, Self-Congruence, and Media Preferences Data Scientist, Whip Networks
Kecheng Fang Michael X. Delli Carpini Mapping Media Bias in China Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Emily Hund Joseph Turow The Influencer Industry: Constructing And Commodifying Authenticity On Social Media Postdoctoral Fellow, Center on Digital Culture and Society, University of Pennsylvania
Jazmyne Sutton Joseph N. Cappella Can’t Get You Out Of My Head: The Effects Of Avoidance Eliciting Anti-Tobacco Warning Messages Senior Project Director, SSRS




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David Conrad-Pérez Barbie Zelizer Misguided Benevolence: How "Moments of Need" Came to Motivate American Journalism Research Director, Center for Media & Social Impact
Yotam Ophir Joseph N. Cappella Spreading News: The Coverage of Epidemics by American Newspapers and Its Effects on Audiences - A Crisis Communication Approach Assistant Professor, University of Buffalo
Aaron Shapiro Jessa Lingel Design, Control, Predict: Cultural Politics in the Actually Existing Smart City Assistant Professor, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Rosemary Clark-Parsons Guobin Yang Doing it Ourselves: The Networked Practices of Feminist Media Activism Program Manager, Center for Social Impact Strategy, University of Pennsylvania
Tim Libert Victor Pickard Track the Planet: A Web-Scale Analysis of How Online Behavioral Advertising Violates Social Norms Special Faculty Instructor Privacy Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Christopher Cimaglio Michael X. Delli Carpini Contested Majority: The Representation of the White Working Class in US Politics from the 1930s to the 1990s Visiting Assistant Professor, Carthage College
Alex T. Williams Victor Pickard Profits Over Principles: Redlining in the Newspaper Industry Senior Manager, Comcast Cable
Emily Ladue John L. Jackson, Jr. Durham's Self-Help and the Financialization of the Bull City: Development without Displacement?  Or Displacement without Development? Adjunct Instructor, Duke University
Dror Walter Michael X. Delli Carpini Exploring Thematic Diversity in News Coverage and Social Media Activity of Political Candidates Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Assistant Professor, Georgia State University
Joshua Becker Damon Centola The Network Dynamics of Social Influence in the Wisdom of Crowds Assistant Professor, UCL School of Management
Corrina Laughlin John L. Jackson, Jr. What God Gave to Us: Digital Habitus and the Shifting Social Imaginary of American Evangelicalism Instructor, Loyola Marymount University
Elena Maris John L. Jackson, Jr. Desperately Seeking the Producer: Audiences, Identity, and the Margins of the Internet Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Illinois Chicago
Kevin Gotkin John L. Jackson, Jr. The Marathon and on: Disability, Endurance, Aspiration Visiting Assistant Professor, New York University
Lyndsey Beutin John L. Jackson, Jr. Trafficking in Anti-Blackness: The Political Stakes of "Modern Day Slavery" Discourse in Global Campaigns to End Human Trafficking Assistant Professor, McMaster University
Eleanor Marchant John L. Jackson, Jr. Anyone Anywhere: Narrating African Innovation in a Global Community of Practice User Experience Researcher, Facebook
Jonathan Pace Sharrona H. Pearl Internet Markets: Exchange Relations on Craigslist, eBay, and Silk Road Research Faculty, Institute of Media and Journalism at the Università della Svizzera italiana
Christin Scholz Emily Falk Neural and Psychological Bases of Health News Sharing Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam
Elissa Kranzler Robert C. Hornik From Exposure to Effects: Examining the Cognitive Processes Underlying Effects of "The Real Cost" Youth-Targeted Anti-Smoking Media Campaign Researcher, Fors Marsh Group
Rosie Bae Joseph N. Cappella Selective Exposure to Misleading Information in the New Media Environment by at-Risk Youth: A Study of Pro-Smoking Youtube Videos


Data Analyst, Harris County Public Health

Nicholas Gilewicz Barbie Zelizer What Losing the Newspaper Means: Nostalgia and the U.S. Newspaper in Late Modernity Assistant Professor, Manhattan College
Lee McGuigan Joseph Turow Selling the American People: Data, Technology, and the Calculated Transformation of Advertising Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina
Nour Halabi Barbie Zelizer Radical (In)Hospitality: American Media and Regulatory Stances Toward Immigration and Travel Bans Lecturer, University of Leeds


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Andrew Daniller Diana C. Mutz Politics as Sport: The Effects of Partisan Media on Perceptions of Electoral Integrity Research Associate, Pew Research Center
Stella Lee Robert C. Hornik The Message as a Seed: Predicting the Diffusion of Anti-Smoking Arguments from Message Construal Assistant Professor, Konkuk University
Jin Woo Kim Michael X. Delli Carpini Assessing Civic Competence Against the Normative Benchmark of Considered Opinions George Gerbner Postdoctoral Fellow, Annenberg School for Communication
Devon Brackbill Damon Centola The Network Structure of Collective Innovation Senior Data Scientist, Amazon Robotics
Rowan Howard-Williams Marwan M. Kraidy A World of Our Own: Climate Change Advocacy in the Anthropocene Science Communication Consultant
Jiaying Liu Robert C. Hornik Effects of Media Exposure on Descriptive Social Norm Perception Formation: Experimental and Observational Studies of Why and How Repeated Exposure Matters Assistant Professor, University of Georgia
Kate Zambon Marwan M. Kraidy Integration: The Cultural Politics of Migration and Nation in the New German Public Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire, Durham
Deepti Chittamuru John B. Jemmott, III Persuasive Technologies in HIV Prevention: A Structural Intervention for African American Young Adults Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of California Merced
Christopher Cascio Emily Falk The Neural Mechanisms of Conformity across Socioeconomic Status and Development Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin
Doron Taussig Michael X. Delli Carpini The Meaning of Merit: The American Idea of What We Have Earned, What We Deserve, and Whether We Got Lucky Visiting Assistant Professor, Ursinus College


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Jasmine Salters John L. Jackson, Jr. Touching Paranoia: A Black Feminist Autoethnography on Race, Desire, and Erotic Massage Content Strategist, Innocence Project
Sara Mourad Marwan M. Kraidy The Boundaries of the Public: Mediating Sex in Postwar Lebanon Assistant Professor, American University of Beruit
Shane Mannis Robert C. Hornik Constructing the Exercising Self: Social Media Identity Work and Exercise Behavior Senior UX Researcher, Instagram
Danielle Naugle Robert C. Hornik The Evaluation of a Mass Media Campaign to Promote Exclusive Breastfeeding in Vietnam Research & Evaluation Officer, Johns Hopkins University
Omar Al-Ghazzi Marwan M. Kraidy Communicating History: The Mnemonic Battles of the 2011 Arab Uprisings Assistant Professor, London School of Economics
Holli Seitz Joseph N. Cappella Mammography Exemplars in Online News Commentary: Prevalence of Exemplars, Effects on Risk Perceptions and Mammography Intentions, and Mechanisms of Action Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University
Laura Silver Diana C. Mutz China in the Media: Effects on American Opinion Senior Researcher, Pew Research Center
Rui Shi Joseph N. Cappella Viewer-Generated Comments to Online Health Policy News: Content, Dynamics, and Influence Assistant Professor, Rowan University
Michelle Jeong Robert C. Hornik Sharing in the Context of Tobacco and E-Cigarette Communication: Determinants, Consequences, and Contingent Effects Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Sun-ha Hong Carolyn Marvin Data Epistemologies/Surveillance and Uncertainty Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
Alexandra Sastre Marwan M. Kraidy Towards a Radical Body Positive: Reading the Online Body Positive Movement Associate Director For Campus Communications, Swarthmore College
Yoel Roth Sharrona H. Pearl Gay Data Head of Site Integrity, Twitter
Dina Shapiro-Luft Joseph N. Cappella Smoking-Related Self-Concepts and Value Expressive Messages: Effects on the Determinants of Smoking Cessation Research Scientist, Partnership to End Addiction
Jingwen Zhang John B. Jemmott, III Networked Social Influence: Online Social Network Physical Activity Interventions for Young Adults Assistant Professor, University of California Davis
Minji Kim Joseph N. Cappella When Similarity Strikes Back: The Positive and Negative Role of Character- Audience Similarity in Anti-Smoking Campaigns Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California San Francisco
Sandra Ristovska Barbie Zelizer Human Rights Through the Lens: A Study of the Institutionalization and Professionalization of Video Activism Assistant Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder
Debora Lui Carolyn Marvin Situating the 'Maker Movement': Tracing the Implementation of an Educational Trend Within Public Libraries Computer Science & Engineering Teacher, Baldwin School
Deborah Lubken Carolyn Marvin How Church Bells Fell Silent: The Decline of Tower Bell Practices in Post-Revolutionary America  
Gretta Blackwell John L. Jackson, Jr. The Birth of a Princess: Boughetto, Popular Media, and the Shifting Boundaries of Black Middle-Class Femininity Assistant Professor, Prairie View A&M University


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Felicity Duncan Michael X. Delli Carpini Collective Action and Digital Information Communication Technologies: The Search for Explanatory Models of Social Movement Organizations' Propensity to Use DICTs in Developed Democracies Financial Researcher and Writer, Intuition Publishing
Katherine Wong Marwan M. Kraidy Harnessing Hollywood Hype: Film Marketing Meets the Challenges and Opportunities of the 21st Century Research Consultant, Common Sense Media
Kyung Lee Barbie Zelizer The Rise of Brand Journalism: Understanding the Discursive Dimensions of Collectivity in the Age of Convergence Senior Statistical Analyst, Office of Strategy Managment, Fairfax County
Rosemary Avance Carolyn Marvin Constructing Religion in the Digital Age: The Internet and Modern Mormon Identities Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University
Rocio Nunez John L. Jackson, Jr. Woman with a Movie Camera: The Dearth of Women Filmmakers in Contemporary Hollywood Associate Editor, The New Pioneer Magazine


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Timothy Fallis John L. Jackson, Jr. Pro-Christian Humor and the Online Carnival Assistant Professor and M.A. Program Chair, Hawaii Pacific University
Le Han Barbie Zelizer Micro-Blogging Contesting Modernities: Producing and Remembering Public Events in Contemporary Chinese Social Media Platforms Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Derek Blackwell Carolyn Marvin Digital Disruption: An Exploratory Study of Trust, Infidelity, & Relational Transgressions in the Digital Age Assistant Professor, Prairie View A&M University
Hyun Kim Joseph N. Cappella Attractability and Virality: The Role of Message Features and Social Influence in Health News Diffusion Assistant Professor, Seoul National University
Piotr Szpunar Barbie Zelizer Homegrown Terrorist, Networked Citizen, Double: Identity, Belonging and Citizenship in an Age of Limitless Conflict Assistant Professor, University of Albany (SUNY)
Tara Liss-Marino Sharrona H. Pearl Sell (It) Yourself: Marketing Pleasure in Digital DIY Associate Director for Student Communication, University of Michigan
Nora Draper Joseph Turow Reputation Inc.: The Industrialization of Digital Self-Presentation and Online Privacy Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire, Durham


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Susan Haas Carolyn Marvin Communities of Journalists and Journalism Practice at Radio Free Europe during the Cold War (1950-1995)  
Andrew Crocco Carolyn Marvin The Mobocratic City: Race, Space and Citizenship in Nineteenth Century Philadelphia Director, Insight and Analytics, Wealthfront, Inc.
Emily Thorson Diana C. Mutz Belief Echoes: The Persistent Effects of Corrected Misinformation Assistant Professor Political Science, Syracuse University
Khadijah White John L. Jackson, Jr. Raising the Volume: Media and the Rise of the 21st Century Tea Party Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Matthew Lapierre Joseph N. Cappella Development and Persuasion Processing: An Investigation of Children's Advertising Susceptibility and Understanding Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Ryan Paquin Joseph N. Cappella Customizing Message Content to Facilitate Decisions About Participating in Genomics Research: A Reasoned Action Approach Research Public Health Analyst, RTI International
Kara Liebeskind Joseph N. Cappella Parental Mediation from Looney Tunes to Angry Birds: Examining How Parents are Dealing with the Content-Specific Issues of Old Media and the Unique Challenges of New Media Insights Guru/Manager, Smarty Pants
Alison Perelman Katherine E. Sender Political Appetites: Food as Rhetoric in American Politics Executive Director, Philadelphia 3.0
Christopher Ali Marwan M. Kraidy Where is Here? An Analysis of Localism in Media Policy in Three Western Democracies Assistant Professor Media Studies, University of Virginia
Elizabeth Roodhouse Michael X. Delli Carpini Buying In: Socially Conscious Consumption and the Architecture of Choice Senior Director, Analytics, Blue Apron
Andy Tan Robert C. Hornik Cancer-Related Direct-to-Consumer Advertising - A Study of Its Antecedents, Influence on Patient Information Seeking Behaviors, and Contingent Effects Associate Professor, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania
Angel Bourgoin Robert C. Hornik The Use of the Internet for Alternative Views on Health Senior Researcher, John Snow, Inc. (JSI)
Susan Mello Robert C. Hornik Toxic? The Nature and Effects of Mothers' Exposure to Pediatric Environmental Health Information in the Media Assistant Professor of Communication, Northeastern University
Sarah Parvanta Robert C. Hornik Understanding Socioeconomic Disparities in Responsiveness to Belief Strategies for Smoking Cessation Messages Director, ALS Focus Program, The ALS Association


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Brittany Griebling Carolyn Marvin The Casualization of Intimacy: Consensual Non-Monogamy and the New Sexual Ethics Instructor, Temple University
Susanna Dilliplane Diana C. Mutz The Impact of Partisan News Exposure on American Public Opinion and Behavior: Evidence from the 2008 Presidential Election Deputy Director, Aspen Institute
Heidi Khaled John L. Jackson, Jr. The Politics of Fashion in American Consumer Culture Senior Qualitative Analyst, Magid
Aymar Jean Christian Katherine E. Sender Off the Line: Independent Television and the Pitch to Reinvent Hollywood Associate Professor, Northwestern University
Lauren Sessions-Goulet Keith N. Hampton Friends in All the Right Places: Social Resources and Geography in the Age of Social Network Sites Director, TripAdvisor
Lauren Kogen Marwan M. Kraidy Suffering Through the News: How the American News Media Cover Hunger in Africa and at Home Assistant Professor, Temple University
Jeffrey Gottfried Michael X. Delli Carpini Get a Cue Already! How Election Campaigns Matter in Different Informational Environments Senior Researcher, Pew Research Center
Anne Arnold Michael X. Delli Carpini Political Sophistication, Deliberation, and the Structure of Opinions about Public Issues Senior Operations Officer, World Bank
Sarah Vaala Robert C. Hornik Mothers' Cognitions and Structural Life Circumstances as Predictors of Infants' and Toddlers' Television and Video Exposure Assistant Professor, High Point University


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Keren Tenenboim Weinblatt Barbie Zelizer Journalism's Missing Links: Kidnapping and Captivity Coverage Around the World Senior Lecturer (Assoc. Prof), Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Joel Penney Barbie Zelizer Body Screen/Body Politic: The Uses of Political T-Shirts in the Digital Age Associate Professor, Montclair State University
Oren Livio Carolyn Marvin The Right to Represent: Negotiating the Meaning of Military Service in Israel Assistant Professor/Lecturer, Haifa University
Christopher Finlay Carolyn Marvin Between Leverage and Legacy: Producing the 2012 London Olympics in a Global New Media Environment Associate Professor, Loyola Marymount University
Alyssa Klein (Hersh) Joseph N. Cappella Social Support Online: Testing the Effects of Highly Person-Centered Messages in Breast Cancer Support Groups Vice President, iMarketResearch
Ashley Sanders-Jackson Joseph N. Cappella Narrative as Structure Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Peter Busse Joseph N. Cappella Normative Appeals: Understanding the Effect of Normative Messages on the Formation of Intentions to get Tested for HIV Among Latinos in the United States Associate Professor, Universidad de Lima
Cabral Bigman-Galimore Joseph N. Cappella Social Comparison Framing: Examining the Effects of Racial Health Disparities Risk Information Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Young Baek Joseph N. Cappella The Impact of Deliberation on Social and Semantic Networks: Citizens' Mental Models of Bioethical Issues in Genetics Using Automated Textual Analysis Associate Professor, Yonsei University
Brooke Erin Duffy Joseph Turow Magazines...Without the Magazine: Remaking Boundaries in an Era of Media Convergence Assistant Professor, Cornell University
Sonho Kim Klaus Krippendorff The Voice on Paper: A Dialogic Critique of Public Opinion Polling Senior Researcher, Korea Press Foundation
Mario Rodriguez Paul Messaris Paranoid Androids: Facebook Privacy, Online Reputation, and Employment Concerns of College Seniors  
Lourdes Martinez Robert C. Hornik Anticipated Regret and the Formation of Behavioral Intention: Implications for the Design of Persuasive Health Messages Associate Professor, San Diego State University


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Michael Serazio Barbie Zelizer Your Ad Here: The Cool Sell of Guerrilla Marketing Associate Professor, Boston College
Lokman Tsui Barbie Zelizer A Journalism of Hospitality Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication
Daniel Berger Barbie Zelizer "We Are the Revolutionaries": Visibility, Protest and Racial Formation in 1970s Prison Radicalism Associate Professor, University of Washington, Bothell
Jessica Piotrowski Deborah L. Linebarger Evaluating Preschoolers' Comprehension of Educational Television: The Role of Viewer Characteristics, Stimuli Features, and Contextual Expectations Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam
Deborah Wainwright Deborah L. Linebarger Television as Parenting Tool: The Role of Parental Efficacy, Attitude, and Television Use in Parenting in Children's Television Exposure Producer/Director, Young Minds Entertainment
Russell Tisinger Diana C. Mutz The Influence of Television Fiction on Political Attitudes Senior Researcher, L&M Policy Research
Seth Goldman Diana C. Mutz Effects of the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign on White Racial Prejudice Honors Associate Professor of Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Xiaoxia Cao Diana C. Mutz Pathways to Eliciting Aid: The Effects of Visual Representations of Human Suffering on Empathy and Help for People in Need Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Riley Snorton John L. Jackson, Jr. Tapped in the [Epistemological] Closet: Black Sexuality and the Popular Imagination Professor of English Language and Literature, University of Chicago
Jean Brechman Joseph N. Cappella Narrative "Flow": A Model of Narrative Processing and its Impact on Information Processing, Knowledge Acquisition and Persuasion Associate Professor, The College of New Jersey
Shawnika Hull Joseph N. Cappella Risky Business: An Examination of the Relationship between Message Frame, Risk Perceptions and Intentions to Seek HIV-Antibody Testing Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Adrienne Shaw Katherine E. Sender Identity, Identification and Media Representation in Video Game Play: An Audience Reception Study Associate Professor, Temple University
Bruce Hardy Michael X. Delli Carpini A Communication Model of the Impact of Presidential Candidate Character Traits on Vote Preference Assistant Professor, Temple University
Moira O'Keeffe Paul Messaris Media and the Making of Scientists Associate Professor, Bellarmine University
Brenda Curtis Paul Messaris Examining the Mechanisms of Tailoring: Extending the Integrative Model of Behavioral Prediction Investigator, National Institute of Health
A. Susana Ramirez Robert C. Hornik Communicating Cancer Prevention Information to U.S.  Latinos: The Moderating Role of Acculturation Assistant Professor of Public Health, University of California Merced
Nehama Lewis-Persky Robert C. Hornik Keeping Children Healthy: How the Effects of Normative Messages on Parent Intentions Vary With Social Normative Beliefs and Personality Senior Lecturer (Assoc. Prof), University of Haifa
Rebekah Nagler Robert C. Hornik Steady Diet of Confusion: Contradictory Nutrition Messages in the Public Information Environment Associate Professor, University of Minnesota


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Jasmine Cobb John L. Jackson, Jr. Racing the Trans-Atlantic Parlor: Picturing Freedom in the Early Nineteenth Century Bacca Foundation Associate Professor, Duke University
Jocelyn Landau Joseph N. Cappella Effects of Messages About Genetics, Race, and Health on Public Opinion About Personalized Medicine and Health Policy Director of Product Research, Netflix
Nadine Gabbadon Joseph Turow Reconstructing Age by Redefining Boundaries: Women's Service Magazines and the 50+ Market Assistant Dean for College Advising, University of Pennsylvania
Mary Bock Klaus Krippendorff One Man Band: The Process and Product of Video Journalism Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Kenneth Winneg Michael X. Delli Carpini Online Political Participation in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election: Mobilizing or Reinforcing? Managing Director of Survey Research, Annenberg Public Policy Center
Billy Herman Michael X. Delli Carpini The Battle Over Digital Rights Management: A Multi-Method Study of the Politics of Copyright Management Technologies Associate Dean, Metro State University
Kenneth Farrall Michael X. Delli Carpini Suspect Until Proven Guilty: A Problematization of State Dossier Systems via Two Case Studies: The United States and China Project Manager and Business Developer, MTM Linguasoft
Jason Tocci Paul Messaris Geek Cultures: Media and Identity in the Digital Age Senior User Experience Manager, PTC
Chul-Joo Lee Robert C. Hornik Media, Social Capital, and Health Information Diffusion: A Multilevel Approach Associate Professor, Seoul National University
Robin Stevens Robert C. Hornik Aids in Black & White: The Influence of News Coverage of HIV/AIDS on HIV/AIDS Testing among African Americans and White Americans, 19932007 Associate Professor, University of Southern California Annenberg School
Kimberly Woolf Robert C. Hornik Children, Parents and Prosocial Television for Children: Accounting for Viewing and Looking for Effects Academic Advisor and Research Supervisor for Undergraduate Studies, Annenberg School for Communication
Magdalena Wojcieszak Vincent Price When Deliberation Divides: How People With Strong Views Respond to Political Disagreement Associate Professor, University of California Davis


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Josh Lauer Carolyn Marvin The Good Consumer: Credit Reporting and the Invention of Financial Identity in the United States, 1840-1940 Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire, Durham
Min Shim Joseph N. Cappella Self-Disclosure in Online Support Groups: The Patterns of Disclosure and Their Potential Health Benefits for Women with Breast Cancer Associate Professor, Inha University, South Korea
Sehoon Jeong Joseph N. Cappella Attributions and Racial Cues in News About Obesity: Effects on the Public's Attributions About Weight and Opinions About Health Policies Associate Professor, Korea University
John Campbell Larry P. Gross Virtually Home: The Commodification of Community in Cyberspace Self-employed, Independent scholar
Lee Shaker Michael X. Delli Carpini Media, Choice, & Citizens' Local Political Knowledge, Attitudes, & Behavior Associate Professor, Portland State University
Eran Ben-Porath Michael X. Delli Carpini Codes of Professionalism; Norms of Conversation: How Political Interviews Shape Public Attitudes toward Journalists EVP, Public Opinion Research, Social Science Research Solutions
Mihaela Popescu Oscar Gandy Keeping it Dirty: Defining and Redefining Obscenity in American Judicial Discourse, 1873-2007 Associate Professor, Cal State San Bernadino University
Paul Falzone Paul Messaris Documentary for Change Director, Peripheral Vision International
Carlin Barmada Robert C. Hornik The Influence of Individual and Message Characteristics on Anti-Drug AD Evaluations Provider Engagement Specialist, Children's National Medical Center
Weiyu Zhang Vincent Price Deliberation and the Disempowered: Attendance, Experience and Influence Associate Professor, National University of Singapore
Lauren Feldman Vincent Price To Opine or Not to Opine: The Consequences of Opinionated News for Political Information Processing, Attitudes, and Knowledge Associate Professor, Rutgers University


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Jody Madeira Barbie Zelizer Ties Out of Bloodshed: Collective Memory, Cultural Trauma, and the Prosecution and Execution of Timothy McVeigh Professor of Law and Louis F. Neizer Faculty Fellow, Indiana University Bloomington
Kimberly Meltzer Barbie Zelizer Irreconcilable Differences: An Analysis of Television's Difficult Marriage with Journalism as seen Through the Roles of Its Anchors, 1950-2006 Associate Professor and Co-Chair, Marymount University
Matthew Carlson Barbie Zelizer On the Condition of Anonymity: Unnamed Sources and Journalistic Authority Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Lee Humphreys Carolyn Marvin Mobile Sociality and Spatial Practice: A Qualitative Fieldstudy of New Social Networking Technologies Associate Professor, Cornell University
Jatin Atre Elihu Katz Choice Under Conditions of Abundance: The Behavior of Television Audiences Senior Vice President, Applied Predictive Technologies
Yahui Kang Joseph N. Cappella The Effects of Smoking Cues in Anti-Smoking Public Service Announcements on Smoking Urge, Message Processing and Intention to Quit Smoking Vice President, Gerson Lehrman Group
Dannagal Young Joseph N. Cappella Two Presidential Candidates Walk into a Bar. Late-Night Political Humor: Cognitive Processes, Political Consequences and Normative Implications Associate Professor, University of Delaware
Lemi Baruh Oscar Gandy The Guilty Pleasure of Watching Like Big Brother: Privacy Attitudes, Voyeurism and Reality Programs Associate Professor and Associate Dean, KOC University - Istanbul, Turkey
Zhan Li Oscar Gandy Media Performance and Global Policy Making: A Comparative Study of Press Coverage on Global Warming Associate Professor, Xiamen University
Rohitashy Chattopadhyay Paul Messaris Cultural Influences on Indian Television Commercials: A Qualitative Analysis Culture Cushion
Bridget Kelly Robert C. Hornik Effects of Benefit-Target Framing on Intentions to Engage in Avian Flu Vaccination and Other Health Behaviors Public Health Research Scientist, RTI International
Lela Jacobsohn Robert C. Hornik Explaining the Boomerang Effects of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign Public Health Communication and Behavior Change Consultant, Self Employed
Ariel Chernin Robert C. Hornik The Relationship Between Children's Knowledge of Persuasive Intent and Persuasion: The Case of Televised Food Marketing Research Lead, Shopify
Kelli Maxwell (Lammie) Vincent Price The (Not-So) "Powerless Elite". Celebrity Endorsements of Political Candidates Dean of Student Development, Community College of Allegheny County South Campus


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Ji Hoon Park Barbie Zelizer Race on Reality TV: How the Genre Mediates Textual Construction and Audience Reading of Race Professor, Korea University
Bethany Klein Barbie Zelizer As Heard on TV: A Critical Cultural Analysis of Popular Music in Advertising Professor of Media and Communication, University of Leeds
Jennifer Horner Carolyn Marvin Blood and Ballots: Military Voting and Political Communication in the Union Army During the United States Civil War, 1861-1865 Manager & Partner Liason, MTM Linguasoft
Kate Kenski Kathleen Hall Jamieson The Gender Gap in Political Knowledge: Do Women Know Less Than Men About Politics? Associate Professor, University of Arizona
Rosa Martey Oscar Gandy Managing Gender in Online Spaces: Gender Role Flexibility and Women's Internet Job Searches Associate Professor, Colorado State University
Jeffery Niederdeppe Robert C. Hornik Contingent Effects of Cancer News Coverage on Sought and Scanned Information Exposure Associate Professor, Cornell University
Vani Henderson Robert C. Hornik Investigating TV Viewing and Overweight in Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Girls Head of UX Research, Google
Eun-Kyung Na Vincent Price The Effect of Internet Use on Social Network Heterogeneity and Civic Culture: Trust, Tolerance, and Participation Associate Professor, Kookmin University
Natalie Stroud Vincent Price Selective Exposure to Partisan Information Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Clarissa David Vincent Price Learning Political Information From the News: A Closer Look at the Role of Motivation Professor, University of the Philippines


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Andrea Duff Wagner Carolyn Marvin Life-Writing of Alzheimer's Disease and Quadriplegia: On the Cusp of the Illness Chaos Story Writer, Education Advisory Board
Xiaoquan Zhao Joseph N. Cappella Ambivalence in Adolescents' Attitudes Toward Marijuana Use: Its Influence on the Intention, Behavior, and the Processing of Anti-Drug Messages Professor, George Mason University
Amy Branner Larry P. Gross Is Being There Necessary? Deriving Community Identity in Haines, Alaska Fund Development Chair, To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation
Tina Huey Larry P. Gross The Legitimization of Knowledge in Discourse About Genetically Modified Food Independent Consultant, Self-Employed
Masaki Hidaka Vincent Price Issue Publics and the Internet: How Interested Individuals Use the Net Lecturer, Centers for Academic Programs


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
Claire Wardle Barbie Zelizer Monsters and Angels: A Comparison of Broadsheet and Tabloid Press Coverage of Child Murders from the US and UK, 19302000 Executive Director, First Draft
Oren Meyers Barbie Zelizer Israeli Journalists as an Interpretive Memory Community: The Case Study of Haolam Hazeh Senior Lecturer, University of Haifa
Emily West Carolyn Marvin Greeting Cards: Individuality and Authenticity in Mass Culture Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mariaelena Bartesaghi Klaus Krippendorff Explanatory Paths, Therapeutic Directions, Conversational Destinations: Accountability and Authority in Therapeutic Interaction Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
David Gudelunas Larry P. Gross Confidential to America: Newspaper Advice Columns and Sexual Education Dean and Professor of Communication, University of Tampa
Nancy Duda Oscar Gandy The Intersection of Privacy Concern and Trust: Beliefs of Privacy Orientation Groups Senior Survey Researcher, Mathematica Policy Research Inc.
Melinda Schwenk-Borrell Paul Messaris Selling Democracy: The U.S. Information Agency's Portrayal of American Race Relations, 1953-1976 Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland University College
Anca Romantan Robert C. Hornik A Longitudinal Model of Social Amplification of Commercial Aviation Risks: Exploring U.S. News Media Attention to Fatal Accidents and Media Effects on Air Travel Behavior, 1978-2001  
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title Current Position
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
Diane Umble Carolyn Marvin The Coming of the Telephone to Plain Country: A Study of Amish and Mennonite Resistance in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania at the Turn of the Century
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Victor Caldarola Larry P. Gross Reception as Cultural Experience: Visual Mass Media and Reception Practices in Outer Indonesia
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
Stuart Sigman Ray L. Birdwhistell Some Communicational Aspects of Patient Placement and Careers in Two Nursing Homes
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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James Miller George Gerbner Office of Telecommunications Policy and Broadcast Issues: A Case Study of Media-Interaction
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Michael Morgan Larry P. Gross Longitudinal Patterns of Television Viewing and Adolescent Role Socialization
George Custen Larry P. Gross Film Talk: Viewers Responses to a Film aa a Socially Situated Event


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
Marilyn Jackson Charles R. Wright Mass Media Exposure and Individual Political Activity
Douglas Goldschmidt George Gerbner Joint Goods, Public Goods and Telecommunications: A Case Study of the Alaska Telephone System
Leslie Rado Larry P. Gross Communication, Social Organization, and the Redefinition of Death: A Case Study of the Institutionalization of an Idea


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
Kusum Singh George Gerbner Gandhi and Mao as Communicators: A Comparative Study of Practice and Theory
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James Taylor Klaus Krippendorff A Method for the Recording of Data Analysis of Structure in Task Groups
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Linda Lannus Charles R. Wright The News Organization and News Operations at the Urban Press: A Sociological Analysis Based on Two Case Studies
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
Joseph Turow George Gerbner Client Relationship and Mass Media Policy: A Comparative Case Study of Mass Market Production and Distribution in Children's Book Publishing
John Carey Ray L. Birdwhistell A Micro-Frame Analysis of the On-Camera/On-Mike Paralinguistic Behavior of Three Presidential Candidates


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
Nancy Signorielli George Gerbner Men and Women in Television Drama: The Use of Two Multivariate Techniques for Isolating Dimensions of Characterization
Paul Messaris Larry P. Gross Interpersonal Styles and Film Training
Eusebio Inocencio William Melody Differences in Perspective on Public Policy Issues: A Comparison of Federal, State, and Local Views on Broadband Cable Communications


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
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Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
James Murphy Larry P. Gross Attributional and Inferential Strategies in the Interpretation of Visual Communications: A Developmental Study


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
Heli Perrett Charles R. Wright Social Implications of Adult Literacy: A Study Among Migrant Women in Peru
Judith Miller Charles R. Wright Conversations in Semi-Public Places: Study of Reported Communication Between Occupational Specialists and Their Clientele in a Metropolis
Lynn Waterhouse Dell Hymes Generic and Sociocultural Influence on Language Development


Alumnus Dissertation Chair Dissertation Title
Dolf Zillmann Percy Tannenbaum Emotion Arousal as a Factor in Communication-Mediated Aggressive Behavior