Dwayne Booth

Portrait of Dwayne Booth
Cartoonist & Freelance Writer; Fine Artist

Dwayne Booth (a.k.a. Mr. Fish) is a cartoonist and freelance writer whose work can most regularly be seen on ScheerPost.com.

He has been a cartoonist and freelance writer for 20 years, publishing under both his own name and the penname of Mr. Fish with many of the nation’s most reputable and prestigious magazines, journals, and newspapers. In addition to Harper’s Magazine and Truthdig.com, his work has appeared in:

  • the Los Angeles Times
  • the Village Voice
  • Vanity Fair
  • Mother Jones Magazine
  • The Advocate
  • Z Magazine
  • The Utne Reader
  • Slate.com
  • MSNBC.com

He was an animated character designer for Bento Box Entertainment and is the subject of a 2017 award-winning documentary by Pablo Bryant called Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep End. His most recent books are Go Fish: How to Win Contempt and Influence People (Akashic Books 2011), WARNING! Graphic Content (Annenberg Press 2014), And Then the World Blew Up (Fantagraphics Books 2017), Long Story Short: Turning Famous Books into Cartoons (Akashic Books 2020), and Nobody Left (Fantagraphics Books 2020).

Course Descriptions

COMM292: WARNING! Graphic Content - Political Cartoons, Comix and the Uncensored Artistic Mind

This course examines the past, present and future of political cartooning, satire, underground comix and protest art. The work presented will be chosen for its unique ability to demonstrate the inflammatory effect of weaponized jokes, uncensored commentary and critical thinking on a society so often perplexed by artistic free expression and radicalized creative candor. Dwayne Booth, the course instructor, has been a freelance writer and cartoonist for twenty-four years, publishing under both his real name and the pen name of Mr. Fish with many of the nation's most reputable and prestigious magazines, journals and newspapers, including Harper's Magazine, Truthdig, the Los Angeles Times, the Village Voice, the LA Weekly, the Atlantic, the Huffington Post, The Nation and others. His most recent books are Go Fish: How to Win Contempt and Influence People, Akashic Books, 2011, and WARNING! Graphic Content, Annenberg Press, 2014.

COMM 282: Sick and Satired: The Insanity of Humor and How it Keeps Us Sane

The goal of this course will be to prove definitively how and why humor, as both an instigator and peacemaker, might be considered one of the most influential and profoundly useful forms of communication devised by human beings.  The unique ability of jokes and satire to transcend familiar literary and journalistic forms for the purpose of deepening (or cheapening) socio-philosophical arguments and to inspire (or discourage) debate and participation in public conversations about innumerable political and social issues will be explored.  The fearless analytical nature of both high and lowbrow comedy will be examined, as well as its deflective qualities, and the corollaries construed from humor’s dissection of straight society’s monomania will be inspected and tested for cohesion and viability.  Additionally, the course will teach students to recognize and assert, through informed justification based on both contemporary and historical examples, the indispensability of the political and cultural satirist’s unique role in society as a witness, a predictor and, in some circumstances, an instigator of public and private debate conceived and exercised for the purpose of revealing and mediating differences between disparate groups based, not solely on language differences, but also on social status, political affiliation, cultural identity, ethnicity, gender, religious fellowship, sexual orientation and socio-economic caste.

Dwayne Booth writes and speaks on the importance of preserving political cartooning as a uniquely universal language that often has a greater ability to spark debate and probe deeper conversations than lingual commentary alone.

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