David Dutwin, Ph.D.

Portrait of David Dutwin
Senior Vice President of Business Ventures and Innovation and Chief Scientist, AmeriSpeak, NORC at the University of Chicago

David Dutwin is NORC’s senior vice president of strategic initiatives within the Business Ventures and Innovation department. Dutwin provides scientific and programmatic thought leadership in support of NORC’s ongoing innovations, ensuring work is disseminated throughout the scientific community.

Dutwin is also the chief scientist of AmeriSpeak, NORC’s multi-client panel-based research platform, where in addition to identifying new business opportunities, he lends expertise on research design conceptualization, methodological innovation, and product development.

Prior to joining NORC, Dutwin worked at SSRS as the chief data officer overseeing executive vision and strategy, project acquisition, statistical estimation, and management of advance research methods. An avid member of the AAPOR community, Dutwin served as president from 2018-2019. He previously served on AAPOR’s Executive Council as conference chair, and has served full terms on a number of committees.

For over fifteen years, he has taught Survey Research and Design, Political Polling, Research Methods, Rhetorical Theory, Media Effects, and other courses as an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania and at West Chester University.  Dutwin is also a research scholar at the Institute for Jewish and Community Research.

David Dutwin is a senior leader in the survey research industry, focusing on sample methodology, public opinion, and survey response.

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