Devra Moehler, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication

Devra C. Moehler is Assistant Professor of Communication at the Annenberg School of Communication. Her research focuses on comparative political communication, democratization, partisan information sources, and political behavior, with a focus on Africa. Her current research projects include: a field experiment on partisan media effects in Ghana; survey research on partisan media effects in the United States; and a survey experiment on how party symbols and candidate photos on election ballots affect voting in Uganda. She is author of the book Distrusting Democrats: Outcomes of Participatory Constitution Making (University of Michigan Press 2008), which argues that participation in a new democracy can create citizens who are democratic in their attitudes but suspicious of their government. Previously, Moehler was Assistant Professor of Government at Cornell University and a Fellow at the Harvard Academy of International and Area Studies. In addition, she served as a Democracy Fellow at USAID, where she provided technical assistance in the design of experimental and quasi-experimental impact evaluations of democracy and governance assistance programs.

Courses Taught

COMM 403: Comparative Political Communication

COMM 433: Communication and Democratization

COMM 525: Introduction to Political Communication

COMM 609: Comparative Political Communication

COMM 717: Communication and Development

Professor Moehler's research focuses on political communication, communication and development, comparative politics, African politics, political behavior, democratization, political economy of development, comparative research design, field research methodology, and statistical analysis. Personal web page.

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Moehler's Network

  • Global and Comparative Communication
  • Media and Communication Effects
  • Political Communication
  • Center for Global Communication Studies