Paul Messaris, Ph.D.

Lev Kuleshov Professor of Communication

Paul Messaris is the Lev Kuleshov Professor of Communication at The Annenberg School for Communication. He teaches and conducts research on visual communication, with a focus on digital media. His publications have dealt with the uses of images in advertising and propaganda, and with the ways in which visual communication has been transformed by the evolution of digital media. Messaris's first book, Visual "Literacy": Image, Mind, & Reality (1994), was the winner of the National Communication Association's Diamond Anniversary Book Award. He has been the recipient of the Annenberg Undergraduate Communication Society's Best Teacher Award. He teaches digital media production in the Visual Communication Laboratory, and his 2008 film, The Harmful Effects of Violent Movies (a satirical portrayal of academic research), was a best-feature nominee at three film festivals. He is an occasional contributor to Visual Inquiry, a blog for student and faculty commentary about visual media.

Recent Publications

Messaris, Paul. (2016). Book review: The global impact of South Korean popular culture: Hallyu unbound. Asian Journal of Communication, 26(2): 194-197

Messaris, Paul. (2015). Digital Imagery. In Donsbach, Wolfgang (Ed.), The Concise Encyclopedia of Communication. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.

Messaris, Paul. (2014). PDF iconPhotomontage and the Visual Language of Advertising.pdf Advertising & Society Review, 15(1).

Shi, Rui; Messaris, Paul; & Cappella, Joseph N. (2014). Effects of Online Comments on Smokers' Perception of Anti-Smoking Public Service Announcements. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 19(4): 975–990.

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Messaris, Paul. (2013). How to Make Money from Subliminal Advertising and Motivation Research. International Journal of Communication, Vol. 7.

Messaris, Paul. (2012). Visual ‘Literacy’ in the Digital Age. Review of Communication, 12(2): 101-117.

Messaris, Paul. (2012). Continuity and Its Discontents. Projections: The Journal for Movies and Mind, 6(1): 28-33.

Messaris, Paul. (2012). The Visual Rhetoric of Social-Cause Photography. Visual Communication Quarterly, 19(1): 61-64.

Professor Messaris's research focuses on visual communication and digital media.

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