Sicong (Zone) Liu

Sicong (Zone) Liu, Ph.D.

Sicong (Zone) Liu
  • Research Associate, Social Action Lab

Sicong (Zone) Liu is interested in understanding human self-regulation process and its intervention for optimal life performance. He uses diverse research methods beyond behaviors including statistical modeling, EEG/ERPs, virtual reality, and eye tracking.

Liu’s most recent research has focused on understanding the human self-regulation process involved in managing multiple goals and how setting multiple goals affects long-term health behavior changes as well as worker performance in organizations. In addition, Liu is modeling the spread of HIV in the United States using stochastic network models.

Prior to joining Annenberg, Liu spent three years as a postdoctoral associate in the Brain Stimulation Division of Psychiatry at Duke University School of Medicine. Liu led multiple research projects supported by the US Army Research Office and the National Institute of Health in the human performance optimization lab (Opti Lab). Moreover, Liu’s computational and programming background supports his work in developing machine learning approaches (e.g., Bayesian Network) and APP-based modeling in realizing his applied interest in human skill training and performance. For instance, he was a group leader in the 2020 Duke Data+ program in collaboration with USA Baseball. 

Liu received his Ph.D. and two master's degrees from Florida State University with the Presidential University Fellowship, concentrating on Sports & Exercise Psychology and Bayesian statistics. He received his B.S. from the Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai.