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Doctoral Candidate

Stonecipher's dissertation project tracks the history of lesbian politics in academic discourse, 1980-present, tracing the discursive formations around "butch" and "femme" identities alongside the development of queer theory. Scholarly mentions of lesbian subjectivity often appear in the context of deconstructing/reconstructing the political ontology of gender (see, for example, Judith Butler's Gender Trouble, Elizabeth Grosz's Sexy Bodies, Jack Halberstam's Female Masculinity, and Annamarie Jagose's Lesbian Utopics). Stonecipher's project explores scholarly identifications with lesbian culture as responses to common-sense logics of gender, race, and even queerness itself. At stake are the diverse, often thorny, politics of (re)presenting one's own and others' relation to womanhood -- and its raced, biologized, and hypersexualized histories -- through the narratives we tell about sexuality and reality.

Stonecipher's teaching interests vary widely, encompassing fields such as visual rhetoric, critical media studies, classical film theory, identity and new media, and advertising history. In addition to leading the Annenberg @ RHS film workshop series at Roxborough High School, she has taught Visual Communication, Gender & Society, and Race and Gender in U.S. Mass Media, and as a TA, contributed a queer feminist analytical perspective to such courses as Critical Approaches to Popular Culture, Freaks and Geeks: People on Display, and Advertising and Society.

Rachel N. Stonecipher is a fifth-year doctoral candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication. 

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