Christin Scholz, Ph.D.

Christin Scholz is a doctoral candidate in the Communication Neuroscience Laboratory (PI Dr. Emily Falk) at the Annenberg School for Communication. Her work focuses on innovative, mixed-methodology studies which combine neuroscientific methods like fMRI and social science techniques such as observational geolocation tracking, field experimentation, and survey methods to solve problems at the intersection of health communication, public health, interpersonal communication, and social neuroscience. Substantively, her interests lie in the complex interplay of interpersonal interactions, social cognition, and mediated health campaigning efforts like anti-smoking advertising. Current projects focus on questions such as: How do interpersonal communication and social relationships influence the effectiveness of population-level health messaging and how can we design messages that optimize these social processes?; What role is played by the communicative process between information sharers and their receivers in the development of population-level message effects?; What is the effect of repeated, real-world exposure to smoking cues on smoker's cigarette craving and neural cue reactivity? 


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Doctoral Student Christin Scholz, a member of Professor Emily Falk’s Communication Neuroscience Lab, talks about her research on how ideas spread...

Christin Scholz is a doctoral candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication. (Expected graduation: May 2018)

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  • Center for Health Behavior and Communication Research
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