Doron Taussig, Ph.D.

Vartan Gregorian Postdoctoral Fellow, Annenberg Public Policy Center

Doron Taussig is a Vartan Gregorian Postdoctoral Fellow at the Annenberg Public Policy Center and a 2017 graduate of the Annenberg School for Communication.

For his dissertation, Taussig examined the meaning of merit in America - what American culture and individual Americans say about what people have earned, what they deserve, and whether they got lucky or unlucky. His research interests more broadly include American politics, journalism, and media, democratic deliberation, and the role of life narratives in constructing foundational social and political ideologies. Some of his other projects have examined how newspaper obituaries reflect and reinforce collective memory, how people use personal stories to make political arguments on blogs, and how presidential campaigns claim presidential candidates became who they are in biographical materials.

Taussig has taught at the University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University, Temple University, and Drexel University. Before coming to Annenberg, he was a journalist with the Philadelphia City Paper and the Philadelphia Daily News, and has won awards for his coverage of issues such as immigration, juvenile justice, child welfare, labor, and media. His work has also appeared in the Washington Monthly. This year he is the Vartan Gregorian Postdoctoral Fellow in the Annenberg Center for Advanced Study in Communication (ACASC) at the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) at the University of Pennsylvania.

Doron Taussig is a Vargan Gregorian Postdoctoral Fellow at the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

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