Jasmine Erdener

Portrait of Jasmine Erdener
Doctoral Candidate

Jasmine Norkunas Erdener is a doctoral candidate in the Annenberg School for Communication, specializing in gender and identity, digital media studies, and activism. She graduated with high honors from the Plan II program at the University of Texas at Austin. Her undergraduate thesis focused on Heresies, a feminist art collective and journal in the 1970s, and explored the interplay of text and image, pairing feminist thought with art history. As part of her research for the thesis, she conducted oral history interviews with several of the founding members of the journal.

She received her Master's degree with honors in Modern Humanities and French Literature from the Université Jean Moulin Lyon III in Lyon, France. The courses combined history and literature, and were linked to such visual mediums as painting, drawing, illuminated manuscripts, sculpture, and architecture. Her Master’s thesis examined comparative cultural constructions of post-war identity through literature, particularly masculine identity. She has worked as a language instructor for the French public school system, as a legal assistant specializing in global migration, and as a manager for the feline division of Austin Pets Alive. She has also been active in a number of nonprofit and political organizations.

Her current research is concerned with digital media, gender, and identity. In the ever-evolving landscape of visual culture and media communications, how are gender and identity constructions influenced by digital media? In what ways do modern digital and social media contrast with earlier notions of mass media? In the Balkanization of news and online interest groups, how are identity constructions in particular culture groups reinforced? Are there new distinctions between voluntary and involuntary consumption of cultural values?

Jasmine Erdener is a doctoral candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication.

Erdener's Network

  • Activism, Communication, and Social Justice
  • Culture and Communication
  • Visual Communication
  • Center for Experimental Ethnography
  • Media Activism Research Collective