Lauren Bridges

Portrait of Lauren Bridges
Doctoral Candidate

Lauren Bridges' research focuses on material and symbolic constructions of digital infrastructures (particularly around AI) and why it is important to pay attention to the stories we tell about technology and its futures. She takes an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from various fields such as anthropology, media studies, critical race theory, and women’s studies and engages a multi-method approach including rhetorical criticism, political economic analyses, and ethnographic field-work.

Bridges has written about feminized and precarious labor in the publishing industry, published in New Media & Society, and has presented at a number of conferences and workshops on the data industries, digital labor, and digital infrastructure. In 2019, she was the recipient of the James D. Woods Award for outstanding graduate teaching assistants. Bridges holds a master’s degree in creative writing, publishing, and editing from the University of Melbourne and a bachelor’s degree in business from Queensland University of Technology. Prior to Annenberg, she worked in academic publishing and the nonprofit sector with a focus on social policy.

Lauren Bridges is a doctoral candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication.

Bridges's Network

  • Digital Media and Social Networks
  • Global and Comparative Communication
  • Media Institutions and Systems
  • Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication
  • Media Activism Research Collective
  • Media, Inequality, and Change Center