Yotam Ophir, Ph.D.

Yotam Ophir Annenberg School for Communication UPenn ASC

Yotam Ophir's research is focused on media effects, media psychology, and persuasion with a focus on narrative persuasion, the unique processes achieved through exposure to and engagement with stories and their characters.

Methodologically, Ophir's work combines computational text analysis (machine learning, and especially topic-modeling) with controlled experimental designs, a combination that allows the examination of media coverage patterns and its effects on audiences. 

Ophir's research has spanned over several topics, in both health and political contexts, including the effects of story-driven graphic warning labels on cigarette packages, the influence of misinformation about tobacco and vaccines on people's health beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, and the ways in which terrorist groups use the web to gain support for their causes through personal narratives. In his most recent project, Ophir is examining the coverage of the recent Zika virus outbreak in American newspapers and its effects on American audiences. 

Ophir received his Master of Arts in Communication from both the Annenberg School for Communication (2015) and from the University of Haifa, Israel (2013). 

Yotam Ophir is a doctoral candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication. His research interests include narrative persuasion, media effects, and media psychology, mostly in the context of health communications.

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Ophir's Network

  • Health Communication
  • Media and Communication Effects
  • Political Communication
  • Penn Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science