Policies for Termination of Electronic Resources Upon Departure

When members of the Annenberg community leave or graduate, access to school provided electronic resources will be terminated according to the following policies:

Faculty, Staff, Postdocs, Visiting Scholars, Lecturers

Office 365 Email, Desktop, Cloud: account is terminated 60 days after the last day worked

Janus, H:Drive, Shared Drives, Servers & Databases, VMs: account/access is terminated 60 days after the last day worked

Penn + Box: account is terminated immediately after last day worked

Qualtrics: a​​​​​ccount is terminated 60 days after the last day worked

Graduate Students

Access to all Office 365 services, the Janus account, H:Drive, shared drives, servers, and databases is terminated six months after the recorded month of the dissertation deposit (access to Penn + Box and Qualtrics terminates immediately). August (and May) deposits will have access until end-of-day on February 28. December deposits will have access until end-of-day on June 30.

Transferring Data

In advance of departure, necessary steps should be taken to copy any needed Office 365 contents to an external or personal device and forward incoming mail to an alternate email account. In addition, any needed data from H:drive, Qualtrics, Penn + Box, etc. should be copied in advance of departure. Data are not stored or archived and will not be retrievable after account termination.

For assistance email support@asc.upenn.edu.

Extending Resources

Postdocs, scholars, students, and staff who are engaged in research projects while at Annenberg occasionally continue their collaboration after their employment has ended or they’ve graduated. Project principal investigators and/or student advisors may request an extension beyond the policy termination dates above by completing a Request for Continued Access to Electronic Resources form. Contact support@asc.upenn.edu for more information.