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Message Effects Lab

Recent Success & Ongoing Projects

We support the goals of scientific research teams, domestic and international governments, and industry.

  • Our Director, Jessica Fishman, Ph.D., spoke again to the World Bank. She discussed how public health initiatives can use effective strategies to increase healthy behaviors.
  • Working with Penn Medicine and the NIH, we identified message content that increases COVID-19 testing and reduces COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.
  • In partnership with international governments, including the Government of Canada (Behavioural Science Impact and Innovation Unit, Privy Council Office) and the Government of Ghana (Ministry of Education), we are sharing strategies to increase healthy behaviors.
  • With support from the Centers for Disease Control, we are working with experts to increase firearm safety behaviors.
  • With our input, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health established a vaccine incentive program.
  • In collaboration with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, we have developed text message content that increases flu vaccination appointment scheduling and actual vaccination.
  • Also in collaboration with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, we are fighting period poverty by helping girls in homeless shelters get the menstrual products they need to stay in school. 
  • We have been scientifically advising companies, including Wawa and Independence Blue Cross/Blue Shield, that want to implement proven-effective behavior change strategies.


A systematic review suggests that financial incentives increase COVID-19 vaccination.

"The Effectiveness of Financial Incentives for COVID-19 Vaccination: A Systematic Review." Preventive Medicine, 2023.

Mandates and financial incentives can strengthen COVID-19 vaccination intentions.

"Comparative Effectiveness of Mandates and Financial Policies Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: A Randomized, Controlled Survey Experiment." Vaccine, 2022.


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