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Social Action Lab


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Action-Inaction & Motivation

Characterizing general action and inaction goals and how they have an impact on individuals and on society as a whole

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Applications to Health

Our research on HIV, harm reduction associated with drug use, vaccination, and lifestyle improvements

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Behavioral Change

How do we change behavior and why is it so difficult?


Language & Behavior

How does our inner speech affect our thoughts and behavior?

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Misinformation, Misconceptions, and Conspiracy Theories in Communication

Research on misinformation and dynamic changes to the accuracy of scientific information


Persuasion, Attitudes, & Social Cognition

Our work explores the psychological and communicative processes that underlie people’s attitudes and behaviors.

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Health, Social Media & Technology Group

This interdisciplinary group studies social and online media influences on health behavior and epidemiological patterns and how to leverage social media and technology to improve human health.