Influencing Cervical Cancer Prevention and Detection Online through Social Media [National Institutes of Health - Urmimala Sarkar, PI, UCSF]

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22 Sep 2014 to 31 Aug 2017
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We plan to study publicly available messages on online social media websites (for example, Twitter and Facebook) related to cervical cancer screening and prevention, such as comments about Pap smears and vaccination. We will determine the major discussion topics on these websites, and then use this information to craft new messages about cervical cancer prevention. We will then build Internet-based experiments that will evaluate the effectiveness of these tailored messages for information propagation, and attitude change regarding screenings. This will help us to advise public health agencies and researchers on how to improve their online health-related communication strategies to promote cervical cancer screening, as well as other preventative procedures.

Total award amount: $1,319,173; UPenn award amount: $399,855