Motivational Boost Scale-Up

Grant Number: 
Harvard University
Date Range: 
01 Jul 2017 to 31 May 2018
Principal Investigators: 

The goal of this grant is to move the Motivational Boost intervention into a phase of “transitioning to scalability.”Motivational Boost (MB) is a brief, low-cost, and evidence-based intervention component to amplify motivation for behavior change. In its simplest form, MB consists of 5 to 10 minute contemplation of core personal values, followed by an equally brief writing exercise wherein participants self-generate reasons why, situations where, and methods how a target behavior (e.g. responsive parenting) can fulfill the identified core values. Content from the writing exercise, either verbatim or edited, are then relayed back to the participant during the behavior change period, often as SMS text messages. The messages are deeply tailored to the person because they are self-authored, which helps forestall reactance and threat responses.