Penn's Center for Excellence in Cancer Communication Research (CECCR)

Grant Number: 
National Cancer Institute
Date Range: 
24 Sep 2008 to 31 Aug 2013
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The public information environment surrounding cancer is a complex array of opinions, facts and advice; oftentimes contradictory. Just what do people learn about cancer and the behaviors which influence it from their routine exposure to public information sources, from information that they seek out, or from communication campaigns meant to influence them? How does this information affect their health behavior? These are the questions facing scholars at CECCR. Funded by the National Cancer Institute, and under the direction of Robert Hornik, Ph.D., the Wilbur Schramm Professor of Communication and Health Policy, Penn CECCR is focused on the relationship between public communication and cancer-related decisions. A major theme is the interaction of public communication and clinical services as they both affect cancer-related outcomes. The center takes an interdisciplinary approach to research and collaborates with several research organizations around Penn’s campus.