Travel & Reimbursement Policies

Please follow the links provided below for access to University policies related to business travel and reimbursement. Faculty, staff, and students should submit all travel reimbursements through Concur.


Concur is Penn's travel services partner and hosts the online travel booking and expense management tool. All out-of-pocket and travel card reimbursement requests must be submitted via Concur. Expenses are reimbursed via direct deposit to the same account designated for an individual's payroll direct deposit. If a direct deposit account does not exist, one should be established prior to filing for reimbursement of expenses.

Log in to Concur with your PennKey and password here.

Find detailed instruction guides about Concur here and how-to videos here

Penn Travel Policies

View Penn's Air Travel Policy here.

View Penn's Rail Travel Policy here.

View Penn's Ground Transportation Policy here and here.

View Penn's Personal Vehicle Policy here.

Penn Lodging Policies

View the Penn Lodging Policy here.

Penn Meals & Entertainment Policies

View the Penn Meals & Entertainment Policy here.

Guest Travel Reimbursement

Guest travel reimbursements are processed through the Penn Marketplace

  • ASC Faculty and Staff who need to have guest travel and/or honoraria processed should email Altagracia Felix in the Business Office with the guest name, email address, and physical address.
  • Altagracia will create a request for a new Non-PO supplier in the Penn Marketplace to initiate a request for guests to register.
  • The individual will then receive an invitation to register and will need to have the following documents/information ready to upload:

U.S. Citizens or U.S. Resident Aliens

Nonresident Aliens

Altagracia will receive confirmation that the individual has registered and she will proceed with processing the reimbursement.