Resuming Research

While we are not encouraging members of our community to physically return to campus to resume research, we understand that circumstances may warrant the need to return to on or off campus locations to conduct research activity. In the event that an ASC faculty member, student, or staff member feels the need to resume research at the Annenberg building (beyond simply being in their office), at other campus locations, or in the field, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Anyone who would like to resume their research at the Annenberg School building or on location elsewhere should complete this survey. In consultation with Dean Jackson, members of the Research Review Committee will determine whether to approve the request.
  2. If approved, the requestor will be provided instructions on how and when they can return to campus.
  3. Any faculty, students, and staff conducting research should follow the Penn's University Research Resumption Plan.

COVID-19 Testing

There are several significant changes to the university’s testing program for the Spring 2021 semester. While all community members visiting campus will be expected to continue using the daily PennOpen Pass symptom tracker, those who intend to consistently be on campus should review the following information carefully to understand the university’s testing requirements and mechanics.

Who Must Enroll in Penn Cares Testing

  • Annenberg graduate students who intend to come to campus each week during the spring semester must be tested once per week. Students who live in on-campus housing must be tested twice per week on selected day pairs of their choosing.
  • Annenberg faculty, staff, postdocs, lecturers, and others who will regularly be on campus for four or more hours each week throughout the entire semester must be tested once per week.

Faculty, staff, and others who meet the testing criteria must enroll by January 18 using the online scheduling application.

These criteria have been established based on federal, state, and local guidelines as well as in consultation with public health experts and are subject to change.

Use of PennOpen Pass

For those who will continue to work or study remotely, the university still strongly encourages enrollment in PennOpen Pass. A Green Pass is required to enter all university buildings or board Penn Transit, even for those who only occasionally make campus visits. Reporting symptoms or exposure in PennOpen Pass also expedites access to the clinical guidance of Penn Medicine clinicians and diagnostic testing if necessary.

For More Information

You can find more information about the university’s testing program on the Penn COVID-19 Response website. If you have any questions about the Penn Cares testing program, please email Donna Burdumy, Annenberg School Director of Human Resources.