Undergraduate Senior Honors Thesis Poster Session

April 30, 2021 10:30am
  • Virtual Event
Audience Open to the Public

Communication majors will present their year-long individual research projects.

Undergraduate Communication majors have the option to write an honors thesis and/or a Communication and Public Service (ComPS) thesis during their senior year. The Communication thesis course lasts two semesters and is taught by Kim Woolf. For the first semester, the students write research proposals that contain a literature review and detailed methodologies for their theses. During the second semester, the students complete data collection and write the thesis. Typically, students present their thesis projects in person to a group of faculty, staff, and fellow students; however, this year students will share their presentations online.

The following students will present their thesis projects:

  • Jaden Baum
  • Anna Callahan
  • Jean Chapiro
  • Sia-Linda Lebbie
  • Austin Maguire
  • Caitlin McNamara
  • Erin Quinn
  • Natalia Rommen
  • Chase Serota
  • Ayaka Shimada

Click here to learn more about the students' projects.