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Online Advising Appointments

Looking for guidance about the Communication major? We're here to help!

We offer different kinds of advising at Annenberg. Review the topics below to decide which type of appointment is right for you.  

Please note that for the Spring and Summer of 2021, all advising appointments will be conducted online. 

Alison Feather and Kim Woolf
Alison Feather (left) and Kim Woolf
Schedule a MAJOR MAPPING appointment with ALISON FEATHER if you have a question about: Schedule a MAJOR OPPORTUNITIES appointment with KIM WOOLF if you have a question about:
  • prerequisites for the major
  • how to declare the major
  • major requirements including Non-COMM major electives
  • filling out your worksheet
  • selecting and completing a concentration within the major
  • whether you're on track to complete the major on time
  • Penn's wellness resources
  • graduation logistics

Schedule Appointment With Alison

  • writing an Honors thesis or a ComPS capstone thesis
  • selecting and completing a concentration within the major
  • paid and unpaid research opportunities
  • pursuing an independent study with Annenberg faculty
  • funding and scholarship opportunities
  • studying abroad
  • post-graduation plans


Schedule Appointment With Dr. Woolf

Comm Majors also have a faculty advisor (listed on your CIT as your "major advisor"). Annenberg faculty can be a great resource if you want to discuss specific questions related to their research or want to learn more about the field of Communication more broadly. Students can contact their faculty advisor via email to arrange an appointment.

Confused about which type of appointment you need? Schedule an initial appointment online with Alison Feather, and she’ll refer you as appropriate.

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Check out our list of frequently asked questions for answer to some of the most common questions we receive.