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‘My body belongs to me???’

Students in Sarah Banet-Weiser’s Annenberg course on Gender and the Media make zines responding to messaging and consumer products.

Undergraduate News

Undergrads Explore National Identity and Nationalism in Washington, D.C.

For SNF Paideia designated course, COMM 4460: Media Industries and Nationalism, students took a class trip to the nation's capital.

Faculty News

With Media Today’s 8th Edition, Prof. Joseph Turow Charts Media’s Rapid Evolution

Published in September, the new edition of Turow’s classic textbook covers COVID, Spotify, and Netflix.

Graduate Student News

From Crisis Communications to Dissecting a Decade of TV News

Wolken is a third-year student in Communication and Political Science.


Pre-Pandemic Conspiratorial Mindset Predicted Hesitance to Accept Covid-19 Vaccine

A new study finds that acceptance of pre-pandemic conspiracy theories has an association with acceptance of Covid-19 conspiracy theories.

Faculty News

Faculty Video: Juan Llamas-Rodriguez

Meet Assistant Professor Juan Llamas-Rodriguez, who studies the platforms and infrastructure of global communication.

Faculty News

The monkeypox outbreak: What we learned so far, and what could be better

Penn experts, including Annenberg professor Andy Tan, discuss the response to the monkeypox outbreak and how the public can be better informed for the future.


Quotable: Insights from Annenberg Faculty and Students

Throughout October, we have been looking back at insights shared by our faculty and students over the past several years.


Misperceptions Between Political Parties Could Erode Democracy in the U.S.

A new study finds that while most Americans share democratic values, Democrats and Republicans suspect members of the opposing party do not.

In Memoriam

Klaus Krippendorff, Ph.D., Pioneer of Content Analysis and Cybernetics, Dies at 90

On the faculty since 1964, Krippendorff remains the longest-tenured faculty member in the history of the school.