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Faculty News

Duncan Watts Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Watts was one of four distinguished scholars from Penn recognized for their innovative contributions to original research.

Lee and Mahoney Win 2023 James D. Woods Award

The award recognizes Annenberg graduate students for outstanding teaching.

Faculty News

Fighting for Gender Equality Within the New Media Landscape

Professor of Communication Sarah Banet-Weiser helps the next generation transform the media landscape to be more inclusive.

Undergraduate News

To Spread Important Messages About Teen Mental Health, Make Community Connections

After creating memes and TikToks with Philly high schoolers, Jeffrey Fishman’s senior honors thesis explores how those messages can effectively reach their audience.

Undergraduate News

Eight Comm Majors Present Senior Honors Theses

Their subjects span the field of Communication, from intersectional identities on TikTok to the function of religion in American politics.


Instead of Refuting Misinformation Head-On, Try “Bypassing” It

A new study from Professor Dolores Albarracín has found that redirecting an individual’s attention away from misinformation and toward other beliefs can be just as effective as debunking it.

Faculty News

Political and Computational Researcher Deen Freelon to Join Annenberg School Faculty 

Freelon, a specialist in the way social media and digital technology are used to express individuals’ politics and identities, will begin on July 1.

Faculty News

Communication Networks Scholar Sandra González-Bailón Promoted to Full Professor

González-Bailón was also recently named director of the new Center for Information Networks and Democracy.


Democratizing the Internet: Platforms, Pipes, Possibilities

It’s easy to forget how much the internet affects our daily lives. But our opinions, our health, our education, even...

Faculty News

Yphtach Lelkes Named 2023-2024 Center for the Study of Democratic Politics Fellow

He will spend the next academic year in residence at Princeton University.