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Association Found Between Media Diet and Science-Consistent Beliefs About Climate Change

A recent study from the Annenberg Public Policy Center found that people who consume far-right media were less likely to believe in human-caused climate change, while those who read centrist and science media were more likely to believe in it and support a carbon tax.


Reexamining Misinformation: How Unflagged, Factual Content Drives Vaccine Hesitancy

Research from the Computational Social Science Lab finds that factual, vaccine-skeptical content on Facebook has a greater overall effect than “fake news,” discouraging millions from the COVID-19 shot.


Largest Quantitative Synthesis to Date Reveals What Predicts Human Behavior and How to Change It

Prof. Dolores Albarracín and her team dug through years of research on the science behind behavior change to determine the best ways to promote changes in behavior.


Teaching Climate Change Communication, From the Classroom to a Conference of Journalists

Michael Mann and Kathleen Hall Jamieson are co-teaching the Climate Change and Communication course this spring, tied to the Society of Environmental Journalists annual conference, held this year at Penn.

Faculty News

Dolores Albarracín Elected Into American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Albarracín is being honored for her contributions to the psychological sciences.


Atmospheric Scientist and Science Communicator J. Marshall Shepherd delivers 2024 Annenberg Lecture

Shepherd discussed the complex problem of climate change and the importance of communicating it clearly.


What Are the Most Effective Strategies To Inspire Action on Climate Change?

The Communication Neuroscience Lab is conducting an intervention tournament, testing six strategies to change beliefs and intentions regarding climate change.


Confidence in Science Remains High, But Public Questions Adherence to Science’s Norms

Members of the Strategic Council of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, including Professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson, explore U.S. public confidence in science.


Experiencing Record-Breaking Heat Days Affects Perception of Weather Trends

A new study by Professor Dolores Albarracín and Postdoctoral Fellow Timothy Hyde finds that living in an area with record-breaking heat effectively increases perceptions that the weather is getting hotter.

Doctoral Students Collaborate With Philadelphia High School Students on Health Communication Research

Thandi Lyew and Brittany Zulkiewicz worked with local teens through a Penn Graduate Community-Engaged Research Fellowship.