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Academic Opportunities

The Comm major offers many ways to enhance the classroom experience and tailor a student's Penn experience to their interests and career goals. 

Read below to learn more about writing an honors or ComPS thesis, research opportunities with Annenberg faculty, creating your own independent study, doing a communication-related internship for credit, studying abroad and transferring credit from other academic institutions, the Communication and Public Service (ComPS) and Annenberg in Public Service programs, and the honors and awards available to our graduating majors.

Student standing next to a poster presenting her thesis. The title is "Character Deaths in This is Us, Grey's Anatomy or Game of Thrones: A Parasocial Grief Study Across Three Television Dramas

Writing an Honors or ComPS Thesis

An honors or Communication and Public Service (ComPS) thesis gives students the experience of an intense academic research project as they gain an immersive knowledge of their chosen topic.

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Research Opportunities

Annenberg professors in fields ranging from health to politics regularly hire undergraduate researchers to assist with a variety of exciting projects. 

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Independent Study

Get to know a topic of your choosing by working one-on-one with an Annenberg professor. 

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Optional Concentrations

Concentrations, while not required, can be one way to focus a student's major around one of five different facets of Communication. 

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Communication and Public Service (ComPS)

Students in the ComPS program can focus their major around the ways that communication is used in public service, connecting with political leaders, journalists, and public servants. 

Learning Outside Annenberg

Earn credit toward the major while gaining valuable experience elsewhere at Penn or at other institutions in the U.S. or abroad.

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Internships can help students apply their classroom knowledge and gain practical work experience. Learn how they can be used to earn credit toward the major.

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Study Abroad & Transfer Credit

Studying internationally can broaden a student's horizons. Learn more about studying abroad and how to transfer credits from courses outside Penn.

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Annenberg in Public Service

Grants from the Annenberg School help our majors cover living expenses while they pursue communication-related internships in public service.

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Graduation Awards & Honors

To honor some of the standout achievements by our majors, Annenberg offers a number of awards and honors at graduation.