True to the history of our school and the intellectual roots of our field, The Annenberg School is interdisciplinary by design, firmly rooted in Communication while drawing on and integrating theories and methods from a range of disciplines spanning the academic spectrum.

The Annenberg School stands at the forefront of basic and applied empirical research on the institutions, processes, nature, and consequences of communication. This research is based on theories, methods, and knowledge emerging from our own discipline as well those adapted from cognate disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Many Annenberg faculty members are jointly appointed or hold secondary faculty positions in other schools and departments at Penn. Annenberg faculty and students regularly collaborate with each other and with faculty, researchers, and students from Penn’s other distinguished schools and centers.   

The result of this inter- and intra-disciplinary research network is a faculty and student body with the theoretical, methodological and substantive breadth, depth, and agility to produce cutting-edge research on the most pressing communication-centered issues of the twenty-first century.

We invite you to learn more about Annenberg's core research areas, our research centers, labs and working groups, and our grant-related research projects.