Jessa Lingel talking in front of a screen that says "The Haitian Tap Tap"


From network theory and neuroscience to media policy and activism, Annenberg School researchers span the full breadth of Communication.

True to the intellectual roots of our field, the Annenberg School is interdisciplinary by design, firmly rooted in Communication while drawing on and integrating theories and methods from a range of disciplines spanning the academic spectrum.

We are equally as diverse in our embrace of both qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as unconventional forms of scholarship such as film, audio, and virtual reality.

We invite you to learn more about Annenberg's core research areas, the topics we study, our centers and groups that serve as research hubs, and our world-class library.

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What We Study

Our research falls into six broad research areas, and clusters around dozens of topics. 

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Our Centers & Groups

Our faculty-led centers and groups sponsor research, events, and visiting scholars and postdocs. 

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The Annenberg School for Communication Library

Our library is home to a large collection of resources related to the field of Communication, as well as a growing archive of television scripts, the history of the field, and more.