Sanjay Jolly

Doctoral Student

Sanjay Jolly's primary research areas are propaganda studies and critical political economy, understanding media institutions as key sites of political struggle. Prior to coming to the Annenberg School, he was a Fulbright Scholar based in Ecuador, where he studied the implementation of media reform laws in South America. Jolly has been an advocate for social movement media in both the US and Latin America, including as policy director of the Prometheus Radio Project in Philadelphia. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan's Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

Sanjay Jolly is a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication.

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Jolly's Network

  • Activism, Communication, and Social Justice
  • Global and Comparative Communication
  • Media Institutions and Systems
  • Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication
  • Center for Media at Risk
  • Media Activism Research Collective
  • Working Group on Media Industries and Public Policy