Samira Rajabi, Ph.D.

Portrait of Samira Rajabi
Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication

Samira Rajabi, Ph.D., completed her doctoral degree in Media Research and Practice at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where her research focused on digital media's affordances in meaning making processes. Rajabi also has a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, a minor in French from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Masters in International and Intercultural Communication from the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies and the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Her work at the University of Denver focused on development, and social media as resistive tools in social movements and womens rights advocacy.

Rajabi is a scholar of development, international relations, feminist theory, and communication. Her research interests include international communication, trans-national boundaries, and the way culture, particularly popular culture in digital media, have consequences for social systems and movements. Her most recent work at the University of Colorado's College of Media, Communication and Information, focused on the affordances of various media technology to enable individuals suffering from an array of traumatic experiences to make meaning and contend with extreme trauma. Rajabi has presented her work nationally and internationally including at the International Society of Media, Religion and Culture's conferences in Turkey, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. She has also participated in the Center for Media, Religion and Culture's biannual conference since 2011. She also presented her work at the ICA conference in San Diego as a part of the Feminist Studies division. Rajabi published her work on the 2009 Iranian Green Movement in an edited volume from SUNY press titled Social Media in Iran.

She has worked as a Senior Fellow at the University of Colorado's Center for Media, Religion and Culture since 2012. Samira's work attempts to bridge public scholarship, academia, and social justice advocacy with leadership in her community. Rajabi also spends her time teaching, writing for various publications, and volunteering with Rotary International.

Samira Rajabi is a postdoctoral fellow with the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication.

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