Annual Performance Appraisals

The University uses a web-based system for the management of the annual performance appraisal process. The automated system is used to submit self-appraisals, and for supervisors to give feedback on current cycle goals and competencies and establish goals, expectations, and projects for the coming appraisal cycle.


The Online Performance Appraisal System can be accessed 24/7 using your PennKey and password.


The deadline for submitting self-appraisals is typically in early April, while the supervisor’s appraisal is typically due early May. These deadlines are communicated to staff each year via email.


If you need help using the Online Performance Appraisal System, use the following online training modules to guide you. These modules include an outline to find specific topics and an option to download the slides: 

Uploading Custom Documents

Staff and supervisors have an option to complete the standard performance appraisal form in the system OR to upload a custom appraisal into the Online Performance Appraisal System using a letter or memorandum format. If using a custom appraisal format, it must include feedback on current year’s goals, goals/expectations for the next appraisal cycle, and professional development feedback and goals.

Key Points for Self-Appraisals

  • The self-appraisal does not require that the staff member rate themselves with an overall rating.
  • Staff should include and comment on their identified goals from the previous year and identify new goals for the coming year.
  • Staff should be as thorough and thoughtful as possible when identifying their accomplishments during the appraisal cycle.

Key Points for Appraisals

  • When a supervisor is completing the performance appraisal for his or her staff member, the request for an overall rating prompt appears at the end of the automated form.
  • A supervisor may view the performance appraisals of their direct reports as well as the appraisals of the staff supervised by their direct reports.
  • Supervisors must schedule meetings with their staff to review and discuss performance appraisals in person prior to the May 4, 2018 deadline.

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