Facilities Information & Policies

Alarm System

All building emergency fire exit doors are alarmed at all times. If activated, an alarm will sound, and the first floor security base is alerted and dispatched to investigate the breached door. All fire exit doors are internally alarmed and are not tied to university or public safety offices, or the fire department.

Fire Drills

University mandated fire drills are conducted at least once per semester. All occupants are required to vacate the building immediately, regardless of the nature of the work being done, the meeting being attended, or the class being taught. Those who refuse to vacate will be escorted from the building by security or Penn Police.


The Building Administrator will send e-mail to the Annenberg community when there are wide-range issues with the heat or air conditioning. If your office/work area is experiencing a problem that has not been addressed by the Building Administrator, the problem should be reported to the Building Administrator via e-mail.  


Annenberg's housekeeping staff is in the building Monday through Friday. Housekeepers have designated charges that vary depending on the day of the week. For special requests, please call the Building Administrator or inform security. A list of housekeepers with accompanying photos can be found on the Annenberg staff list.


All staff are provided with their appropriate office key and, for those who need it, a key to the main administrative office (Suite 200). In order to ensure a safe and secure building, staff should not lend their keys to others, offices should be kept locked when not in use, and lost keys should be reported immediately to the Building Administrator. There is a $5 charge for key replacement. Any questions regarding keys should be directed to the Building Administrator.

Keys to conference rooms are not distributed. Conference rooms that are needed for meetings should be booked through the Room Request system, and security will open the room at the scheduled time. Consult security for unscheduled access to conference rooms.


The Annenberg School Library is located on the second floor of the school, and everyone in the Annenberg community is invited to use the library facilities and resources. The library can also be used as a quiet space to take a break, have lunch, and browse newspapers and magazines. Hours during the academic year are: 9am to 9pm Monday through Thursday, 9am to 5pm Friday, and 12pm to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. During the summer and intercessions, the Library hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, closed weekends.

The school librarian provides library orientations to anyone interested in learning more about the resources available at the Annenberg library and other Penn libraries on campus. Email katie.rawson@asc.upenn.edu to arrange an orientation session.

Lost and Found

The lost and found is located in the Building Administrator’s office, room 157, or at the first floor security base. Anyone coming to claim an item must present ID and provide an adequate description of the item they are retrieving.

Offices & Personal Work Space

Offices, personal work spaces, and school provided furniture and equipment should be treated with care and respect. Public areas should be kept neat and free of clutter. Each individual is responsible for ensuring the security of their office or work space, and everyone is strongly encouraged to keep office doors closed and locked when not occupied, with personal items locked safely in drawers at all times.


Parking for caterers, visitors, etc. should be arranged with the event coordinator and/or the Building Administrator as needed. Parking cannot be guaranteed.

Police/Fire Emergencies

The police/fire emergency number for the entire Penn campus is 511. By dialing 511 from a University telephone, University of Pennsylvania Police will be dispatched immediately to the emergency location, and Philadelphia Fire Rescue will be notified. Please note that dialing 911 instead of 511 will disrupt the emergency response chain and could significantly delay the arrival of emergency help. If a University telephone is not available, call (215) 573-3333. It is recommended that all staff add this number to their contacts in their cell phone. The Building Administrator and security should be informed of all emergency incidents as soon as possible in order to direct emergency responders to the appropriate building location, complete incident reports, etc.

There are three Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machines in the building: the first floor north entrance by security base one; the second floor south hallway outside of room 209 in the administrative wing; and the third floor hallway by room 328. Several school staff are trained in the proper use of the AED machines, and in the event of an emergency, the machines should be used only by those trained individuals.


The Annenberg School takes its recycling responsibility very seriously. Recycling bins for aluminum, plastic, and paper are located throughout the building. Paper recycling should be collected in individual offices/work areas and then transferred to one of the large paper recycling cans located throughout the building. Paper recycling should not be left in offices/personal work areas to be emptied by housekeeping. 

Security Officers

The Annenberg School is committed to the safety and security of its faculty, staff, and students. The School employs six security guards on varying shifts from 8 am to 11pm Monday through Friday, and 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Holiday hours will vary, and the school community will be informed of holiday hours via e-mail from the Building Administrator. The Building Administrator supervises the security guards and should be notified of any problems or concerns.

For assistance, or to report a situation, please call the main security number at (215) 898-1881 or contact the Building Administrator at (215) 898-2996 or deborah.porter@asc.upenn.edu.

Service Animals

Only animals that are registered Service Animals are permitted inside Annenberg School buildings. Service Animals should be registered on campus. Faculty and staff who require the use of a Service Animal should contact Penn’s Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs. Graduate and undergraduate students should contact the Office of Student Disability Services.

In accordance with university requirements, Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are not permitted in classrooms or any other non-residential housing spaces.


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