Policies Supervisors Should Know


Due to the nature of their position, some staff will have access to confidential or proprietary information such as research, finance, payroll, technical data, etc. Upon hire, supervisors should explain to their staff that such confidential and/or proprietary information should be kept confidential and not disclosed, used, or copied except as necessary to perform the duties of the position. Confidential information may be disclosed to other employees only on a need-to-know basis. The obligation to maintain confidentiality applies both during and after employment. If staff are unsure as to whether certain information is confidential or proprietary, they should be advised to consult with their supervisor or the ASC Human Resources office.

Inclement Weather

Although the University normally never stops operating, emergencies such as severe weather conditions may sometimes result in the cancelation of classes and/or the full or partial closure of certain areas of the University. The University will announce a closing or other modification of work schedules through the emergency information number -- (215-898-MELT), the Penn website homepage, and/or KYW News Radio (1060 AM). In addition, members of the Penn community can sign up for the UPenn Alert Emergency Notification System to receive notifications via text message of university closings due to inclement weather, and police emergencies affecting the Penn campus. Even when Penn is officially closed due to an emergency, there are some essential services that must still be provided. Staff members in essential positions are still required to work as normally scheduled under these circumstances.

Reclassification Review Request

Occasionally a staff member’s position may warrant a reclassification review. A supervisor may submit a reclassification review request on behalf of the staff member only when the scope of the position has changed and there have been significant changes in job responsibility. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to identify the significant changes and to initiate a reclassification review. The supervisor is not required to support reclassification review requests in all cases. If a staff member requests a review but the supervisor does not support the request, the ASC Human Resources office should be consulted.

A staff member must have at least six months of continuous University service in his/her current position to be eligible for a reclassification review. When a supervisor requests a reclassification, he/she needs to submit the following to the ASC Human Resources office:

  • a memo stating the reasons for the request and other relevant information regarding the position (should include a statement of support from the supervisor)
  • an updated Position Inventory Questionnaire
  • an organizational chart (if available)
  • a current resume for the staff member

The ASC Human Resources office will review all of the documentation for completion and justification, and will then forward the materials to Penn-HR/Compensation for review. HR/Compensation will analyze the position and determine an appropriate job title, grade, and/or salary adjustment. HR/Compensation may set up a job audit with the incumbent and/or the supervisor if more information is needed. 

The time needed to complete a review varies depending upon the complexity of the situation, and is usually from six to eight weeks. The review will result in one or more of the following actions: title and/or grade change; salary adjustment; or no change. The effective date of the reclassification will be retroactive to the date the request was submitted to HR/Compensation. Results of the reclassification review are not contestable.

Salary Adjustment Review Request

There may be situations where a supervisor believes that the current salary of a staff member needs to be reviewed due to pay compression, market factors, or increase of duties. In these cases the supervisor should consult with the ASC Human Resources office to discuss submitting a salary review request to Penn-HR/Compensation. The request should include the reasons for the review and a current resume for the staff member. A staff member must have at least six months of continuous University service in his/her current position to be eligible for a salary adjustment review. Individual salary changes will be recommended on the basis of performance, qualifications, internal and external market factors, and position in the salary range. Length of service alone is not considered a valid reason for an increase. All Penn-HR/Compensation recommendations are subject to availability of school budget resources.The effective date of the salary adjustment will be retroactive to the date the request was submitted to HR/Compensation. Results of the salary adjustment review are not contestable.

Timesheets for Weekly and Hourly Paid Staff Members

All non-exempt, weekly paid, and temporary hourly paid staff must complete and a weekly e-timesheet reflecting their actual time worked. The supervisor must sign the timesheet and is responsible for verifying the actual time worked. 

Work Schedules

In most cases the work week for full-time staff is 35 hours, and the work day is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Exempt, monthly paid staff, are salaried and are expected to work at least 35 hours, but may work more when the job demands. Non-exempt, weekly paid staff, are paid hourly and should not be asked to work hours in excess of 35 except on rare occasions when special circumstances may require it. In these cases comp time should be provided in lieu of overtime pay.

Lunch hours are normally scheduled between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. and scheduled lunch hours should be kept consistent as much as possible.

It is expected that the work of staff will be done in the ASC campus office unless another location is required and approved by the staff member’s supervisor. Working from home requires approval from the supervisor.


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