Admissions Image at Annenberg School for Communication ASC UPenn

"Every human advancement or reversal can be understood through communication. The right to free communication carries with it responsibility to respect the dignity of others -- and this must be recognized as irreversible. Educating students to effectively communicate this message and to be of service to all people is the enduring mission of this school."


The Honorable Walter H. Annenberg

October 16, 1958

The University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication combines the intimacy of highly selective graduate and undergraduate programs with the dynamism, resources, and personnel of a major research institute embedded within one of the nation’s top research universities and world-class cities. The School is also a crossroads for numerous visiting scholars and practitioners, providing Annenberg students opportunities to interact both formally and informally with some of the most exciting intellectual talent in the world.

While providing necessary structure, our academic programs are designed to allow students, working in close consultation with their advisors, to design courses of study tailored to their intellectual interests and professional aspirations. Areas of specialization include media and communication effects; media institutions and systems; culture and communication; global and comparative communication; digital media and social networks; political communication; health communication; critical journalism studies; and visual communication.

Annenberg students are encouraged to supplement their Communication courses with those offered through one of Penn’s 11 other distinguished schools. The result is a vibrant intellectual experience that trains students to become leaders in their chosen fields by applying and adapting diverse theories and methods to the cutting-edge communication issues of the twenty-first century.