2019 CARGC Fellows Conference

March 27, 2019 5:00pm
  • Annenberg School for Communication

"South x Southeast"

South x Southeast is an early career symposium organized by fellows (post-graduate and doctoral) in residence at the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication (CARGC) at the University of Pennsylvania. This year’s theme, Popular Culture and Coloniality: Decolonizing Global Media Studies, gathers scholarship that examines decolonizing knowledge production, affect, power, representations, and politics within global media studies. The symposium will begin on March 27, 2019 with a keynote plenary session at Slought featuring Marc Lamont-Hill (Temple University), Amin Hussain and Nitasha Dhillon (Decolonize this Place), and Felician Teter, followed by an opening reception. Conference panels will be held throughout the day of March 28, 2019 at the Annenberg School for Communication.

Panels will feature original research by Clovis Bergère, Douglas-Wade Brunton, Hatim El-Hibri, Mark Firmani, Nell Haynes, Heather Jaber, Hyeri Jung, Juan Llamas-Rodriguez, Alptug Okten, Ada Petiwala, Leila Tayeb, Ian Vandermeulen, John Vilanova, Lin Zhang, Sulafa Zidani, and Yijia Zhu.

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Contact: cargcfellowsconference@gmail.com