Annenberg Hosts 7th Annual Graduate Student Symposium

On April 26, Annenberg hosted its seventh annual Graduate Student Symposium. The event was organized by a student committee including Sean Fischer, Megan Genovese, Leeann Siegel, Alex Tolkin, and Tian Yang (pictured at left). The day featured presentations by 16 doctoral students and candidates.

Panel 1 — Nothing But Norms

Leeann Siegel

Leeann Siegel — "The Effects of E-cigarette and Tobacco-Related Descriptive Norm Information in Media on Young People's Normative Perceptions"



Rui PeiRui Pei — "Developmental Trajectory of Peer Influence Effects on Adolescent Decision Making: A Cultural Perspective"



Douglas Guilbeault

Douglas Guilbeault — "The Network Dynamics of Category Formation"



Yilang Peng

Yilang Peng — "Predicting Public Acceptance of Self-Driving Cars"



Panel 2 — Moments in Media

Alex TolkinAlex Tolkin — "Kavanaugh and the Court: Institutional Legitimacy in the #MeToo Era"



Yasemin CelikkolYasemin Y. Celikkol — "Visualizing Nationalism and Islam"




Sean FischerSean Fischer — "Wall-E & Political Persuasion"




Virtual Reality Demonstration

VR demoNatalie Herbert — During lunch, Natalie Herbert and staff member Kyle Cassidy presented their work on providing Narcan training through virtual reality.



Panel 3 — Information Production and Producers

Jennifer HenrichsenJennifer R. Henrichsen — "Reconceptualizing Indigenous Journalism Through Information Poverty Theory"



Isabelle LangrockIsabelle Langrock — "Digital Collaboration & the Production of Knowledge"



Megan GenoveseMegan Genovese — "'This Ship and Her History': Recursion in Franchise Narratives"



Brendan MahoneyBrendan Mahoney — "The Presentation of Yelp in Everyday Life"



Panel 4 — Methods Madness

Soojong KimgSoojong Kim — "Directionality of Information Flow and Echoes Without Chambers"



Jacob ParelmanJacob Parelman — "Brain Communities and Communications"



Tian YangTian Yang — "Niche News and Peripheral Fragmentation: A Network Percolation Approach to the Analysis of News Consumption"



Do Eon LeeDo Eon (Donna) Lee — "Partisanship or Culture?: The Effects of Information Variety and Volume on Trust"



2019 Graduate Student Symposium poster