Adetobi Moses Awarded 2024 Penn Global Dissertation Grant

Moses studies how narratives and cultural memory intersect with political realities, particularly during global crises.

Penn Global has announced that Annenberg School doctoral candidate Adetobi Moses is an awardee of its newly established Penn Global Dissertation Grants program.

Adetobi Moses
Adetobi Moses

The program provides support to Penn Ph.D. students who wish to add and or enhance global components in their dissertation research. Moses is one of 11 Penn students awarded a grant in 2024.

Moses’s research explores the narratives and counternarratives of the COVID-19 pandemic in two cities: Philadelphia in the U.S. and Accra in Ghana.

“My dissertation project aims to understand how cultural resources, histories, memories, and imaginaries were mobilized to make sense of the pandemic in two urban spaces with their own fraught and distinct histories of coloniality and disease,” Moses says.

She will use the grant to investigate how health communication and health interventions could be reimagined using critical, historical, and decolonial contexts to better serve different communities.

"With the funding provided through the Penn Global Dissertation Grant, my project would be poised to comprehensively demonstrate the importance of accounting for and centering different histories, realities, and imaginaries within global health intervention practices,” she says. 


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