Annenberg Hosts Annual Graduate Student Symposium

On March 31, Annenberg hosted its fifth annual Graduate Student Symposium. The event was organized by a student committee including Natalie Herbert, Danny Kim, Yotam Ophir, Christin Scholz, Allyson Volinsky, and Celeste Wagner. The day featured 16 presentations by 20 doctoral students and candidates.

Panel 1: More Than Just Entertainment

Jasmine Erdener - "Embodied and Extended Publics: Political Activism through Puppetry"

Elissa Krazler - "Teens and the 'Social Self': Neural Responses to Anti-Smoking Messages are Associated with Perceived Effectiveness and Intentions to Share"

Lee McGuigan - "Selling Jennifer Aniston's Sweater: The Persistence of Shoppability in Framing Television's Future"

John Vilanova and Natalie Herbert - "Not 'Simply the Best?': Querying Quantifying Discrimination at the Grammy Awards"

Panel 2: A Person, The People, and Their Politics

Joshua Becker - "The Network Dynamics of Social Influence in the Wisdom of Crowds"

Eunji Kim and Jin Woo Kim - "First-Time Presidential Voting and Political Trust"

Hye-Yon Lee - "The Impact of Electoral Victory and Loss on Partisan Social Identity"

Subhayan Mukerjee - "Are Audiences Fragmented in How They Consume News Online? An Analysis of Web Browsing Behavior During Two Salient Political Events in the U.K."

Panel 3: Spreading Information and Emotion

Soojong Kim - "Emergence and Stability of Status Hierarchy"

Yilang Peng - "Aggregate Emotional Display of Presidential Candidates Across Online Media Outlets"

Christin Scholz and Elisa Baek - "A Neural Propagation System: Neurocognitive and Preference Synchrony in Information Sharers and Their Receivers"

Jazmyne Sutton - "Investigating the Persuasive Features of Tobacco Warning Labels"

Panel 4: Preserving What Matters

Elisabetta Ferrari - "Fighting 'The Man's Technology': Visions of Technology in the Underground Press of the American Counterculture (1964-1974)"

Helene Langlamet - "Can Digital Technologies Create a Stronger Model for Democratic Participation?"

David Larochelle - "Exclusion from the Networked Public Sphere"

Yotam Ophir and Dror Walter - "The Elephant and the Bird: Republican Candidates' Strategy and Issue Framing on Twitter during the 2016 Republican Presidential Primaries"