Annenberg Hosts Sixth Annual Graduate Student Symposium

On April 13, Annenberg hosted its sixth annual Graduate Student Symposium. The event was organized by a student committee including Joshua Becker, Sean Fischer, Megan Genovese, Nour Halabi, Subhayan Mukerjee, and Prateekshit Pandey (pictured at left). The day featured presentations by 18 doctoral students and candidates.

Panel 1 — How to Win Trends and Influence People: Messaging and Its Effects

Joshua Becker — "Can Individuals Benefit from the Wisdom of Crowds"

Celeste M. Wagner — "Effect of Sex of Source on Perceived Severity of Sexual Harassment"

Prateekshit Pandey — "Social Influences on Health Message Receptivity: How Physical Activity across Social Network Changes Neural Receptivity to Health Messages"

Leeann Siegel — "Framing an Epidemic: Impacts of Episodic Framing and Exemplar Characteristic in Opioid Epidemic News Articles on Attributions of Responsibility and Policy Support"

Panel 2 — Group Project: Networks of Knowledge and Communication

Sijia Yang — "Fostering Health Discussions Online: Persuasive Messaging, Virtual Networking, and Causal Inference"

Douglas Guilbeault — "The Network Dynamics of Category Emergence"

Opeyemi Akanbi — "Resisting the Cloud"

Alvin Zhou — "Twitter Character Limit Change Increases Incivility of Political Talks"

Panel 3 — Inescapable: The Politics of Everyday Life and Leisure

Sean Fischer — "Hollywood's Political Space"

Yasemin Y. Celikkol — "It's All Good with Food: Communist Bulgaria's Quest of Cleansing of All Vestiges of Turkishness...Except the Food"

Heather Jaber — "(De)Constructing the Global: The Ephemeral Queer Arab and the Globalization of Mashrou Leila"

Eunji Kim — "Entertaining Belief in Economic Mobility"

Elisabetta Ferrari — "Mundane Modernity: How the Hungarian Internet Tax Protests Imagined the Internet"

Panel 4 — All That's Fit to Print: Dynamics of Writing and Reading the News

Yilang Peng — "Mapping and Explaining the Gender Gap in Consuming Science News: Findings from WeChat"

Jennifer R. Henrichsen — "Breaking Through the Ambivalence: Behind Journalistic Motivations and Barriers to Adopt Digital Security Technologies"

Do Eon Lee — "What You Read and See: The Influence of Incongruently Valenced Text and Images in Political News on Readers' Attitudinal Response and Intent to Vote"

Subhayan Mukerjee — "Online Audiences and the Political Cycle"

Lauren Bridges — "Hacking the News: Constructing Murdoch's Professional and the Entrepreneurial Ethic"