Annenberg Presentations at NCA 2020

We've compiled a helpful list of all presentations being given by Annenberg authors.

By Ashton Yount

Ten faculty, students and postdoctoral fellows will present research at the National Communication Association’s 2020 Annual Convention, to be held virtually. View the convention guide for more information on how to attend sessions.

All Annenberg contributions to the conference are listed below, including both panel name and presentation title. For group presentations, the first author listed is the designated presenter, except where otherwise noted. Non-Annenberg authors have been omitted from this list, except when they are designated presenters, but are available in the full conference program. Alumni are only listed when they are co-authors on faculty or student presentations.

Thursday, November 19


Data Blitz

  • Allyson Volinsky (Ph.D. '19) and Robert C. Hornik — “Selecting Health Communication Campaign Message Topics: Evidence of Potential Spillover Effects”

Friday, November 20


Top Papers Session

  • Arlene C. Fernández — ““Black Like This”: Afro-Latinx Performance and Mediated Boundaries of Blackness”

Visual Online Discourse and Photographic Representations

  • Jeanna Sybert — “Journalism as a Memeplex: Understanding Identity, Practice, and Public Opinion of the U.S. Press through Internet Memes”


Digital Media Use and Effects

  • Alvin Zhou — "Bridging Inter-Movement Networks: A Structural Analysis of Movement Spillover"


Team Communication Research in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

  • Nina Lauharatanahirun — Presenter

Saturday, November 21


Top Student Papers in Philosophy of Communication

  • Lauren Bridges — "Recursive Warfare: Securitization, Dutification, and (De)Militarization of the Artificially Intelligent Cloud"

Sunday, November 22


Blurred Lines: Fake News, Hybrid Media Systems, and the Convergence of News and Entertainment

  • Shengchun Huang and Tian Yang — “No Trade-offs between Online News and Entertainment Consumption”
  • Yilang Peng (Ph.D. '19) and Tian Yang — "An Anatomy of News Consumption Networks: How Individual Characteristics Differentially Contribute to Audience Fragmentation"

It's All about the Messages: Features of, Reactions to, and Considerations for Health Message Design

  • Kwanho Ko (presented by YoungJu Shin) — "Interpersonal Communication about Suicide, Perceived Social Support, and Suicidal Intention in Korean Adults"


Critical Studies of Television at the Crossroads

  • María Celeste Wagner — "Affect, Curiosity, and Positionality in Context: Watching Television Entertainment in Argentina and the United States"