Annenberg Conference and Professional Development Family Grant

Supporting caregiving expenses associated with professional development for Annenberg School faculty, students, and postdocs.

The Annenberg School for Communication is pleased to offer the Annenberg Conference and Professional Development Family Grant designed to support scholarship for ASC faculty, students, and postdocs who incur extra dependent care expenses (i.e., extra daycare, babysitting services, elder care, or care of a family member with disabilities) necessary to advance career progression and research. This includes travel to conferences, meetings, and training opportunities.

Eligibility and Terms

All ASC faculty, students, and postdocs with one or more dependents who require childcare, elder care, or care due to disability are eligible for this grant. The amount of each grant will vary based on the meeting, conference, and training locations, and the overall needs of the dependent(s). Participants may request up to $1,500 across the course of the pilot period (through the end of August), distributed as is most supportive of their professional development needs (i.e., in the form of one larger grant for a longer/ farther meeting, or smaller grants for shorter or more local events). Please note that the amount awarded is taxable.

Allowable Expenses 

  • Travel for a babysitter/caregiver to/from the meeting/conference/training, or your home; this includes airfare and train tickets
  • Care at the location of the meeting/conference/training
  • Increased expenses at home incurred because the primary caregiver attended the meeting (for example, overtime at a daycare center, cost of a sitter, etc.)
  • Meals (per diem amount for caregiver/dependents)

Unallowable Expenses

  • Travel and other expenses related to the attendee’s participation in the meeting (including registration and other expenses that would otherwise be incurred to attend)
  • Tickets and transportation to museums and other attractions
  • Family care not related to meeting attendance
  • Pet care expenses


  1. Applicants will complete a Qualtrics form with their personal information.
  2. The application will be reviewed by the ASC Dean, the ASC Associate Dean for Research, and the ASC Executive Director of Finance, and a determination will be provided within two weeks of the application.
  3. Funds will be dispersed in the payroll run the month following the approval and will be dispersed in the same calendar year in which they are incurred.

It is allowable to request funds in advance (e.g., to request funds in May to support travel in June), provided the request is made with a month’s notice in advance, and the need to have funds in advance is specified in the request. Please note that the amount awarded is taxable. 

If you are awarded the grant, we will follow up to ask that you complete a survey on how the grant met your needs at the end of the pilot period.

Apply Here

The application form will request the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Best phone number
  • ASC Affiliation (faculty, postdoc, student)
  • Name of dependent(s) for which family support is being sought
  • Relation of dependent(s) for which family support is being sought
  • Age of dependent(s) for which family support is being sought
  • How this activity meets the core areas or mission of ASC and your department
  • Name of conference, meeting, or training for which funds are being sought
  • Date of conference or meeting for which funds are being sought
  • Conference/meeting/training location
  • Projected expenses for dependent(s) care
  • Any additional detail you think are relevant to this request

Application Misrepresentation

ASC reserves the right to deny funds to applicants who misrepresent their needs. 

Changes in Circumstances

If the need for a grant changes after submitting an application, you must notify the ASC Business Office

Additional Accommodations/Needs

For all other additional needs or accommodations not outlined above, please contact the ASC Business Office.